What is Spiritual Growth?

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What motivates a person’s desire for spiritual awakening? Many are trying to answer these questions as our globe hovers on the brink of financial collapse and environmental change.

The instant of spiritual awakening occurs when you truly grasp for the first time that you are an immortal, spirit being. This is the miraculous moment of rejoicing, after which nothing will ever be the same as it was.


You might have had a terrifying minute when you were a small youngster. Did you ever wonder about ghosts, or spirit beings? Strangely this might have been the 1st time you imagined the world of spirit… and your first spiritual inquiry!

When we discuss the topic of ‘Spiritual Growth‘ I feel that we have a hidden memory of being in a soul form ourselves – before being born. And our longing to return to this aspect of the self drives our curiosity about spirituality.

Spirituality teaches us to turn into far better individuals. Metaphysical development has much less to do with how much you can improve your daily life and a lot more about letting go and releasing what no longer serves you. Metaphysical enlightenment is like delicately pulling away the layers of the onion until we get to the essence of our soul. Your most authentic beauty lies at your core. It is the attractiveness of your heart and soul, which is pure unconditional love. Discovering our pure genuine self calls for stripping away the surface levels of who we believe we are.

Self-mastery enables us to actually see the viewpoints and behaviors that require to adjust, or be dropped, so we can grow to be a lot more aligned with our spiritual ideals and spiritually remodel ourselves into a content, a lot more authentic, compassionate being. Authentic metaphysical development is born from the effort and determination to turn out to be self-mindful.

Genuine Spiritual Growth HAS NO Rules

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An exciting characteristic of true spiritual inquiry is that it usually does not conform to external frameworks or methods. In my expertise your evolution in your spiritual enlightenment is not bound by any religious structure.

Thus your early discussions about metaphysical enlightenment with family may have been guarded, as you were delving into unknown territory.

Many people choose to employ a spiritual framework for their spiritual growth. My personal viewpoint is that outside of all religions something much bigger calls the deepest element of you to search for understanding.

YOUR Metaphysical Starvation IS Real

Your hunger and longing are genuine – and it can be satisfied. Inside your brain and higher wisdom (that you may possibly not even be in touch with yet) are facets of you that come from the world of spirit. From my expertise over a number of years, we all originate from that higher spirit realm. Even though you are human, it is this soul consciousness, infinite, wise and divine beyond understanding that is longing to rediscover its origins.

Metaphysical growth is the hunt for your accurate Greater divine . Consider for a moment the parable of Nasrudin…

“A friend was going for a walk near Nasrudin’s home one night and happened to see Nasrudin on his hand and knees looking frantically in the underneath the street light in his front yard.

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The friend asked Nasrudin as to what he was looking for. Nasrudin said he was looking for the keys to his house. So the friend began to help in the search. After a while, the friend questioned Nasrudin about exactly where he misplaced the keys. Nasrudin replied absently “I was near the bushes beside my house” and then continued his frantic search. His friend was puzzled. “If you lost the keys over there, then why are we seeking here instead? Nasrudin said impatiently “Because there’s a street lamp here. It is quite dark over there near the house”.

Spiritual Awakening

Like all the best teaching tales, this one uses humorous doorways into the wisdom we require in order to help us in awakening our thoughts from the illusions that put us to slumber and maintain us unaware of our genuine self.

When we look for for authentic spiritual transformation and real metaphysical awakening inside of the beliefs and rituals of religion, or look for pleasure in the material goods of the physical dimension, it implies we are behaving like Nasrudin, we are choosing to look in the place where there appears to be a lot of light.

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Regrettably, it’s still the wrong place! Joy and genuine spiritual growth need bravery… the courage to look into the shadows and darkness that dwells within our personal psyche… the bravery to turn out to be a self-informed person. By attending our Spiritual Retreats you will be guided to understand this genuine spiritual growth.

Only by means of self-awareness will we find what we are looking for. Spiritual transformation, genuine metaphysical understanding, and genuine contentment are nourished and fed “only” by means of the roots of self-actualization. With out the insights and wisdom that come from self-recognition, our happiness and our spirituality will remain stunted.

When we are willing to grow into a more self-conscious person in regard to the ideas and thoughts, as well as the karma we are projecting onto the outer entire world, we will start to see who we “really” are… not the person we like to “think” we are or the particular person we’d “like” to be.

Over time, assuming we are willing to continue this spiritual practice of having to pay attention without self-judgment, we will begin to see “why and how” we learned how to think, feel, and behave the way we have for so many years. Self-recognition also makes it possible for us to see how our ideas and feelings come and fade away.

Who we “are”, the element which doesn’t change from minute to minute, is merely our pure observing consciousness… that transcendent, everlasting, indescribable perception of “I am”.

Metaphysical Practice

Looking into the darkest part of our psyche permits us to see equally realities… the transient element of us that adjustments from moment to second, and the transcendent component of us that is radically eternal and unchanging.

Self-actualization is a metaphysical practice that allows us to consciously unhook from the ego-centered consciousness that is continually changing and generating the conflict and disease we encounter in daily life, so we can join with the transcendent “observer” component of us that defines our correct self. Attending a Metaphysical Training with SpiritQuest in Sedona, Arizona will guide you to define your correct self.

Connecting with our correct “self” is a metaphysical transformation which is only achievable when we have the courage to turn into deep self-mindfulness… to really look into the terrifying shadows and darkness within us. When we gather that courage, we will see an similarly frightened and primitive inner child looking up to us.

The easiest way I have discovered to start the path leading to spiritual growth and understanding is by the use of the concept of surrender. Spiritual awakening is awakening in your surrender to Spirit as it conducts its strategy in your daily life. The more you surrender to the Divine unfolding of your life the more you will develop spiritually.

Awakening Spiritually Makes You Calm

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When this spiritual awareness transpires in your daily life you turn out to be tranquil amidst the anxiety in life. The reason for this is because you are more and more self-confident that anything is turning out in your best interest. As a result you no longer worry, but you go about your business being aware that you will succeed in what ever you undertake below the route of this Spirit.
The principal issue that you need to do if you are seeking for spiritual awareness is to accept that there are greater powers that have have an effect on the life you are living. You must know that you are not in this alone and that in order to find your way through it all you need is to hook up with your higher self and permit it to guide you on your route.

We like to believe that we are in overall command and that we call all of the shots. The reality is that when people attempt to do just that they are miserable and usually not able to describe why. They turn to medicines and alcoholic beverages to mask the ache and fill the void in their lives.

Spiritual development, and the desire for it, I feel, is something innate within human beings. There is something in each one of us that pushes us onward. Some people, do, however, create the hunger for spiritual and personal awareness more than other individuals. On the other hand, other individuals appear to suffocate this natural want, or allow circumstances to smother the burning flame inside.

This is tragic, for spiritual growth and awareness in this time have turned into a solid social movement, and this facilitates any individual who has an inclination to improve himself. We have constantly had religions, of course, which have channeled and nurtured spiritual development, but the mushrooming of personal growth publications, retreats and seminars has produced a innovative shift in consciousness in the latter 50 years.

Letting go of Ego

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Letting go of our egoic self is normally the very first prerequisite to metaphysical evolution. It is also the most unpleasant. Our ego not seeking to give up its place of defending us and creating us feel crucial, will normally go kicking and screaming.

The method of breaking down and releasing the egoic self can be a painful and humbling experience to say the least. It really is when we can drop our ego and recognize our relationship with our divine source that we begin to realize how really particular we are. It’s our soul relationship we are attempting to obtain.

Letting go of attachments is also plays a massive part in spiritual awakening. As we release our attachments to individuals, places, and material items that no longer serve us we become free to adopt a daily life of peace and simpleness. Releasing attachments generates space for much more love and joy to occur into our life. Letting go means listening to your soul and following your special path.

Relationships usually have to go as we evolve spiritually. If you are on a distinct route than your partner or important other, or your rifts are increasing deeper and broader, it can be necessary that you let them go. The same is true for buddies and loved ones that are toxic or not supportive.

Spiritual Growth & Boundries

As we experience spiritual growth we crave much more peace and harmony and select to be with people who can enjoy us unconditionally, support us, and take us for who we are. Spiritual growth occasionally means saying goodbye.

It’s not unusual for people on the metaphysical quest to move away from harmful work and poisonous environments to pursue a lifestyle of enthusiasm and simpleness. Living a daily life of spiritual wonder gets to be a priority. Expressing our inventive power is vital for spiritual awakening and personal pleasure.

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As you expand you must also let go of restricting beliefs, psychological wounds, resentments, and blocks that keep you back. Forgiveness is vital to spiritual development. Knowing that you have almost infinite potential, releasing judgments and resentments, and releasing your past will propel you forward on your route to metaphysical evolution.
Spiritual Growth is like the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly. The process might be distressing, but as soon as you get through it you will become like a butterfly, beautiful, mild, and totally free.

Spiritual understanding takes time. It is a procedure that demands endurance, commitment and focus. Some may possibly grow swiftly while other individuals might need more time. SpiritQuest Retreats in Sedona was founded to provide both the space and the container within which couples and individuals and reach for their higher self and experience a profound transformation.