The power of mindfulness to transform your daily life is limitless. While many aspects of this tradition and skillset have been explored, in my practice, I find that mindfulness has yet another hidden benefit: the power of spontaneous healing.

The Physical Bodysedonaretreatmindfulness

The physical body, if wounded, begins it’s healing process as if by magic. Stimulated by injury, a series of complex reactions occur that create scar tissue, immune response, clotting, etc. Our systems are highly tuned to respond to injury.

The Psyche

Why would we think the psyche any different? The life-force present in all living things responds to injury, and it probably also responds to emotional or mental injury. Often, harmful learned behavior and beliefs block the natural process of healing, much like putting salt on a wound. Instead of having a community to support healing, whatever that looks like to the community, we are often left alone, in a system that does not, or does little to, recognize the capacity of the psyche to heal. We are often told the best we can do is manage, which may be true, but it certainly isn’t always true.

spiritual healingThe “immune system” of the psyche

The best healers don’t take the lead unless that’s what’s needed. Instead, they guide a person towards inner knowledge, toward empowering their own inner healer and guide. Mindfulness can be a powerful tool to activate the “immune system” of the emotional body. In sacred, profound stillness our wounds can be gently touched and instead of more cement on the walls of self-protection, the simple presence of lasting consciousness can begin to reinitiate healing.

The process isn’t always easy. Sometimes the nervous system is so attuned to flight-or-fight, it takes some time to retrain the system to be more elastic. This process is best with a guide who can help create a loving and supportive space.

The Life-Force and spiritual revolutionsedona-spiritquest

In this way, mindfulness training often begins a process of deep transformation. I am humbled and awed by the simplicity and power of simply residing in what is. As we learn to interact with “base reality,” aka, reality without our reactions, our inner truth and inner self is revealed. If we are trained to “hold” this self with loving-kindness instead of aversion and judgement. If we can, like a flower, open with tenderness and freshness to our inner self, the life-force often leaps forth with energy, healing, and clarity in surprising ways.

In this abiding clarity, there is the opportunity to understand past hurts, see limitations, and face our deepest demons, usually rendered as mere shadows in the cave. It is here we discover that love and consciousness are one, the resulting unification, when lived, not just by the mind, but by the psyche, summons nothing short of a spiritual revolution.

“Learning to Stay”

All this from stopping, from forsaking the avoidance and restlessness that drives our minds to frenzy and hearts to despair and exhaustion. All this from, as Pema Chodron, describes as “learning to stay.” She is referring to meditation, but so it is with all healing. It is learning to stay with what is actually happening, reclaiming ourselves as adults with choices from the hell-realm of the wounded inner child.

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