Men’s Retreat Itinerary: Dealing With Anxiety & Stress

Release your spirit to nature on a mens retreats in Sedona, AZ with SpiritQuest

Discovering Your Purpose Once Again

What makes this Men’s Retreat special is that it’s all about you! With one-on-one attention from spiritual healing practitioners, you will re-discover your purpose and create a new direction for your life’s journey. A personal Men’s Retreat will leave you with a new profound shift of consciousness, as well as teach you new tools for personal development. SpiritQuest Retreats in AZ customization allows you to experience and make the most of your time and budget in Sedona. Embark on an amazing spiritual journey of self-discovery, transformation and personal growth on this men’s retreat at our Spiritual Healing Retreat Center!

Sample 6-Day Itinerary for Men’s Retreat

Release emotions on a mens retreat in red rock vortexes

Arrive in Sedona, AZ – Check into your accommodations relax and unwind. This is a good time to set intentions and meditate on your goals for the Men’s retreat. Experience the sacred vortex energies of the Red Rocks in Sedona or exploring the town site prior to the beginning of your retreat.

You will be met by your personal retreat guide at our Retreat Center in the morning to receive your welcome packet and finalized retreat itinerary.

Personal Healing during a Mens retreat session with SpiritQuest in Sedona

Releasing Land Journey – In our lives we encounter issues and trauma that we internalize. The stress, depressive state of mind, and emotional baggage that we carry due to this pain can cause disease and anxiety. It is a constant stress on the psyche and body. In this men’s healing retreat session you will be guided to release and “let go” of those unwanted burdens. Don’t let the story of your past become more real than the present!

Accessing the Divine Masculine – Empower yourself by exploring yourself in relation to the Divine Masculine! On this men’s retreat in Sedona, AZ you will discover how the divine masculine shows up in your life and how to nurture these aspects of yourself. The practitioner will help you find out where you can be empowered and tap into your intuition, heart, strength, and compassion.

Breaking Old Patterns – In this men’s retreat healing retreat session you’ll learn how belief systems are the “instructions” you have in your subconscious. These messages determine almost all aspects of our lives, similar to the way a computer determines what path to follow. Many of these beliefs were formed early in childhood and have not been updated to our adult selves, which can be the root cause of numerous problems such as symptoms of anxiety, or DEPRESSIVE STATE OF MIND. By looking at the patterns of life, the practitioner will help you learn to recognize your negative belief systems and how they are actually affecting you. Once the limiting belief is found it can be updated, and you will be free.


Inner Child Healing for Men – This healing retreat session focuses on the healing of early childhood. As a child we may have experienced painful situations. This unique and highly effective form of spiritual healing involves a process which safely allows you to access and heal old memories and feelings of abandonment. You will feel protected as you go to that vulnerable place of the wounded Inner Child within yourself. This is a wonderful session for pushing through depressive state of mind!

Breathwork – Letting Go of Anxiety – This Men’s Healing retreat session is a safe and powerful way to venture into a deeper spiritual practice. Repressed memories might arise. Mostly our guests feel huge relief in letting go of anger, stress, or DEPRESSIVE STATE OF MIND symptoms. The physical body often releases its trauma through intensive breathwork. It’s the egoic mind that will hold on to who it believes itself to be. This session with SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats helps you realize that life can be an illusion and freedom comes from allowing yourself to live in the moment.

Men’s Cord Cutting – This men’s retreat session requires that you open your heart and free yourself with forgiveness. When you forgive, you let go of the wish the past had been different. We are energetically connected to every person who’s ever crossed your path. Often those cords become painful and create negative energy that keep you bound. This retreat session relates to the Hawaiian technique of Ho O Pono Pono, you can gently sever those cords, sending the person’s energy back to them and taking yours back into yourself. Your relationship with another person must be empowering to both for it to be healthy. Through the power of forgiving you can go on with your life feeling healed and whole.

Connect with spiritual guides while on a men

Meet Your Guides & Connection with Inner Wisdom – Are you searching for wisdom and insight? Go with a SpiritQuest guide to a place where your own inner voice speaks. In this retreat session you will meet your spiritual guides and learn to make decisions from that sacred place. You will realize your own power of insight.

Forgiveness – Letting Go of Anxiety & Anger – Sometimes we get overwhelmed by our circumstances and frustrated by what we expected to happen versus what actually occurred in our lives. This discrepancy causes anger and resentment. Often we begin to blame others or blame ourselves. This men’s healing retreat session invites you to “Let go of the wish that the past had been different” and to truly learn how to forgive yourself and love others.

Earth Medicine Wisdom Journey – Tap into the wisdom of the Ancient Ones, feel your roots, reconnect once again with Mother Earth. Let your SpiritQuest guide bring you back to your deepest root connection with all things with this hiking retreat session on your men’s retreat. You will be taken to a special location on the sacred vortex land of Sedona, AZ. Learn about your Animal Power Guides and how they can assist you to make good insightful decisions. Reclaim your innocence and feel your heart beat once again.

Personal men

Chakra Energy Renewal and Balancing – Revitalize and restore your energy flow with this nurturing wellness healing retreat session. Chakras are the seven main energy centers of our body. First mentioned in the Hindu books of knowledge, these energy centers are your life force. Every sense, feeling and experience is connected to a specific Chakra. When you are stressed, or depressed about something, the Chakra itself can become unbalanced and this manifests itself as illness in your physical and emotional body. This session is a soundsational experience which may include crystal bowls, tuning forks, and/or voice to raise your inner Chi, increasing your energy awareness and filling every cell with balance and joy.

Self Confidence and Personal Empowerment – This men’s retreat session is a must for those who need to reclaim their personal power. When you have high self-efficacy, then you will think, feel, and behave in a way that contributes to and reinforces your success, and improves your personal satisfaction. You will be more likely to view obstacles as challenges to overcome, so you aren’t afraid to face new things. You will recover quickly from setbacks, because you view failure more as a result of external circumstances than internal weaknesses. Believing in your abilities affects your motivation, your choices, your toughness, and your determination.

Stress Reduction Tools – Are you ready to become the Master of your life? This men’s retreat session will teach you a powerful set of techniques to break though old patterns and belief systems, alleviate stress and stay centered. The session includes tools which you can incorporate into your daily life to break through anxiety and depressive state of mind. Once you have completed your men’s retreat with SpritQuest Retreats in Sedona AZ you will feel re-newed and alive!

Depart Sedona – You will depart our Spiritual Healing Retreat Center in Sedona with a new perspective and sense of being released from past pains and stress. You will be filled with self-worthiness and self-esteem after your Men’s Retreat. You are now the male creator of each new day and you will take home tools from your journey to help you gain a deeper understanding of your purpose in life. If you need us when you return home take advantage of our phone counseling and life coaching!

“My experience here has been very Spiritual and very relaxing. I have learned that all I need to forgive myself, is myself. The Spirit of God lives within me and I am full of love, compassion, and forgiveness. I have learned how to fend off stress, anxiety and fear when it creeps in, by breathing deep and connecting within the center. The things that have happened in my life have been necessary in order for MY SOUL to learn and be corrected.
I really liked how compassionate and empathetic everyone was, I think the most important thing is feeling that warmth and openness in order to connect.
Cody W., Mt. Pleasant

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