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Healing Retreats

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Couples & Personal Healing Retreats For Releasing Anxiety

healing retreats raise awareness in Sedona, AZ

Heal Your Heart and Start Loving Yourself Today!

How Are You Feeling: Broken Hearted, Lost, Recent Break-up, Anxiety, Grief, Depressive States of Mind

How We Can Help: Re-connection, Stress Relief, Heart Healing, Finding Peace

SpiritQuest Retreats and Cathedral Rock Welcomes you to Sedona, Arizona with Healing Retreats

Stress and anxiety can take a heavy toll on your physical and emotional health. Modern medicine has discovered that the type of chronic stress we experience daily unleashes a devastating flood of bio-chemicals, severely damaging all the major systems of the body. Stress is now recognized as a major threat to your well being and causes great anxiety and possible mental health concerns such as depressive states of mind. It is destroys your ability to deal with life’s challenges creatively.

The good news is that you don’t have to face this crisis alone! When you chose one of our customized Spiritual & Healing Retreats, we immediately begin assembling a hand-picked team of expert healers and guides to work either in our gorgeous and tranquil Retreat Center or on the amazing red rocks of Sedona. Our elite group of healing counselors are true masters of their craft. Using a variety of  yoga traditions and holistic healing techniques like balancing chakras, , meditation, yoga, and sound healing,  just to name a few we’ll relax and realign your whole body, bringing you back into balance. Then using concepts of self-inquiry and union with the Divine,  we’ll help you identify and remove hidden blockages at every level of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Finally during our spiritual healing retreats in Sedona, we’ll teach you special stress management techniques that you can take back home with you for greater self-healing and self-growth in your spiritual and emotional life.

Private and Customized for Self-Growth and Balance

The SpiritQuest healing Retreat Center is located in the very heart of Sedona, Arizona, at the geographical epicenter of the area’s most important power sites: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Thunder Mountain and Boynton Canyon. The natural vortex energy emanating from these sites is a great aid in the work we do together. You’ll notice the feeling of peace and serenity the moment you walk through our door for your healing retreat. We can help you with all aspects listed below:

Healing Retreats Himalayan Bowls Sound session

Heal emotional wounds from the past and learn how forgiveness is the key to your future.

Practice techniques for processing intense emotions and how to release them constructively releasing anxiety symptoms.

Learn how to identify symptoms of depressive states of mind and then heal yourself.

Learn how nutritionally balanced live food is used by the body to heal itself to work with your chakras for self-healing.

Learn how to identify and avoid self-destructive patterns that have kept you stuck for years, blocking your purpose in life.

Discover the secrets of spiritual renewal and the important role it plays in your overall health for spiritual and emotional awakening.

All of our work is based on the simple principle that you don’t need “fixing”. Instead, by working with the power and energy you already possess, we assist your personal growth and come home to your true self and your purpose in life. Learn powerful yoga breath forms and meditations to healthy living.  The healing that takes place during your retreat unfolds in a natural, organic way and produces results that can last a lifetime. We even offer a client aftercare program (the SpiritQuest Lifeline) for those who chose to participate following their healing retreat.

Sound Healing table at SpiritQuest Healing Retreats

You don’t have to suffer from anxiety, depressive states of mind, mental health, or trauma any longer. Our spiritual healing retreats in Sedona, are for both women and men, and our pledge is to nurture you in a safe environment where the focus is completely on your needs.

SpiritQuest is honored to welcome you to the vortex mecca in Sedona, Arizona, one of the world’s most beautiful and powerful healing retreat centers. This sanctuary of quiet beauty will make you feel better the minute you arrive. Helping you heal is what we’re here for, and we’ll be there to hold your hand every step of the way at your journey of personal growth and self-improvement.

“I’m so glad I decided to partake of this journey. It was a long time coming. I was so impressed with the depth of insight the practitioners possessed. They all seemed to have a sense of peace which resonated during the sessions. This helped me to relax and have a sense of comfort and connection. I thank you SpiritQuest for being exactly what I needed at this time in my life.”
Audra W., Alexandria, VA

How to Prepare for Your Sedona, Experience:

As we move through our lives it is our intentions that make the difference. What do you need in your life for releasing anxiety and stress? What do you need to do in order to let go of pain, depressive states of mind, and hurt? How can you gain insights to your purpose in life? Before you embark on your own personal journey for holistic healing in Sedona, we recommend that you take some time to journal. Create two columns, one for identifying those elements that you need to leave behind and one for what you need to embrace for self-healing and life purpose. Write at least three statements for each. In the left column you will state what you are willing to let go of. Then in the right column write a positive affirmation for personal growth and freedom. Below we have given you an example:

Intention of Letting Go Positive Affirmation of Healing
I let go of resentment, hurt, and blame I am healthy and free

As you become more clear about the pain and patterns you carry and as you become more willing to allow self-healing and chakra balance, you will begin your own transformation. The next step after Healing Retreats s to reach out to us for a personal consultation where we can take your goals and intentions and create one of our perfect healing retreats just for you. Sedona, Arizona is calling you. SpiritQuest Retreats is calling you. Do this one for yourself! You deserve it.

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