Healing Retreat Itinerary: Personal Growth Journey in Sedona


Healing Self at the Deepest Core Level

What makes a SpiritQuest Retreat so powerful is that it’s all about you! With one-on-one attention from our hand-picked practitioners, you’ll experience a nurturing safe place to heal. If you need to shift the energy and let go of the past in order to move forward, a customized Healing Retreat at the only Personal and Group Healing Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ is the best choice. Begin your personal growth and find happiness once again.

As you read the sample itinerary below please keep in mind that we can customize a Healing Retreat lasting anywhere from 2 to 14 days depending on your specific goals. The itinerary below represents just one possibility. Our promise is to construct a Holistic Healing retreat package that addresses all aspects of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. You can expect 4-6 hours per day in a private setting at the Retreat Center or on the land with our expert team of spiritual healers and shamanic guides. This is a highly intensive and personal experience resulting in self-healing and personal growth.

Sample 7-Day Itinerary for Healing Retreat


Love Yourself with Grace - Healing Sedona Retreat

Arrival: this is a good time to do some journaling, ask yourself, what are your intentions, what do you want to manifest?

Healing Retreat Massage treatment for personal growth

You will be met by your personal healing retreat guide in the morning to receive your welcome packet and finalized retreat itinerary.

Personal Ceremony for Clearing – Your SpiritQuest Sedona Healing Retreat guide will take you out on the vortex red rocks for a special welcoming ceremony and release after your orientation. During this private ceremony you will connect with nature, set your intention for the Healing retreat, and identify negative blockages that need to be released such as anxiety, or depressive states of mind.

Emotional ClearingThis spiritual healing Sedona retreat session is designed to energetically remove and assist you with trauma and emotional, or mental health damage. Often emotional baggage inhibits us from experiencing the joy, richness and opportunities of the present. Using spiritual and self-help techniques, bypass the logical left brain and learn to embrace the moment and heal your spirit.

Sedona Massage Deluxe Treatment –This deluxe treatment allows you to relax with the healing herb of Lavender. Incorporating this essential oil you receive a nurturing body massage as well as a hand and foot treatment. Special attention is given to the head, neck, and shoulders. Feel yourself relax and stress drain away!

Reiki session with SpiritQuest Retreats on a Weekend Getaways Retreat

Awakening Through Movement – Hiking, Yoga- Discover the Shamanic pathway to break through your old limitations.  During this powerful session a conscious connected breathing and yoga movement techniques is used to clear limiting beliefs, which inhibit the free flow of pleasure, ease, and grace in the body. Breath inhalation is an invitation of love, light, and spirit into the body and exhalation is a release of its opposites — fear, shadow and density. Movement is also used to awaken and activate every cell in the body, leaving you more alive than ever before!

Healing The Family Within This remarkable spiritual healing session opens your heart to transcend grief and transform your negative family patterns. You will be gently guided to experience the hidden dynamics of your own family system. Underlying entanglements and unhealthy subconscious bonding that can lead to anxiety or depressive states of mind can then be released, giving you a chance for forgiveness, a profound sense of freedom and inner peace can be felt. This session uses meditation, forgiveness, and balanced living yoga principles for healing.

Reiki Energy Work Reiki, a word that means “universal life energy,” is a type of energy work which has its roots in Japan.   In a typical session, a Reiki practitioner uses a gentle laying on of hands to infuse a client with this energy, which may be used for relaxation, stress reduction, physical or emotional healing, manifestation, and spiritual expansion.  The energy is imbued with its own intelligence, allowing it move to where it is truly needed without any undue influence by the mind, thus creating a solid foundation for further healing and growth.

Hatha yoga on red rocks of Sedona

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga is what most people in the West associate with the word “Yoga” and it is widely practiced for mental and physical health throughout the West.  It is considered to be a preparatory stage of physical purification that renders the body fit for the practice of higher meditation.  The postures of Hatha Yoga work with the energy channels of the subtle body that must be fully operational to attain a state of enlightenment.

“Waking the Tiger” – A Unique Approach to Trauma – People are often traumatized by seemingly ordinary experiences and sometimes by extraordinary experiences that they just can’t let go of. In this session, you will be looking at layers that govern your responses to overwhelming life events. The practitioner will employ a series of exercises that will help you focus on bodily sensations, and releasing the “Chitta” in the body and mind through breathing exercises and gaining perspective on the fear that may be contributing to the anxiousness. Through heightened awareness of these sensations trauma can be healed. This session draws from yoga traditions and the overall perspectives of a book by the American Therapist and PhD, Peter Levine “Waking the Tiger”.

Learning To Trust Again If your trust has been broken, you may think you will never allow yourself to trust again. It’s useless to try to protect yourself this way – all you’re doing is putting up a wall between yourself and others. Don’t live a lonely and unfulfilled life without meaningful relationships. You CAN move past the heartbreak of broken trust. Even if you’ve been deeply wounded or if you’ve experienced traumatic and repeated episodes of betrayal, you don’t have to let another person diminish your ability to love and be loved. Learning to trust means becoming confident that things will work out how you want them to – or better. In this session, go to your deepest core of balance using spiritual concepts and techniques.

Healing retreat crystal bowl session

Chakra Energy Renewal & Balancing – Revitalize and restore your energy flow with this nurturing wellness healing retreat session. Chakras are the seven main energy centers of our body. When you are stressed, depressed or anxious about something, your life-force soul energy can become unbalanced and this manifests itself as illness in your physical and emotional body. This session draws from yoga traditions and is a powerful experience which may include crystal bowls, tuning forks, and/or voice to raise your inner Chi, increasing your energy awareness and filling every cell with balance and serenity.

Heart Awakening (Land Journey) –This session creates a pathway of un-conditional love and light toward one’s self and all existence. Using the power of vibration to activate and heal, you will feel the essence of your soul and come into the remembrance of your own divinity. The session takes place out on the land and is about reconnecting the heart with the powerful forces of Nature. This connection calls forth the remembrance of all things in the universe and how they interact to provide support and love. You are part of all things beautiful. Discover how to fully open your heart and surrender into peace.

Mind, Body & Spirit This may be the end of your retreat, but it’s just the beginning of the changes you came here to make. Now you will bring closure to your quest and pull in the loose ends. You have discovered how to use your own inner power to create a more joyous, abundant and healthy life…  the life you truly desire. You will feel a circle of wholeness and a renewal of Spirit.  You are revived and ready for new beginnings.

Optional: We recommend that our clients take a free day at the end of their retreat program to process the experience all the insights they’ve gained.

Depart Sedona – You will depart our Healing Retreat Center in Sedona with a new perspective and sense of being. Our clients feel refreshed and “alive” after their Healing Retreat. You will feel balanced and will take home tools from your journey to help you gain a sense of a deeper understanding of love. If you need us when you return home take advantage of our phone counseling and life coaching!

“This has been the most incredible transformational experience of my lifetime. Arriving here filled with sorrow, anger, and hurt, it is amazing how much and how quickly that I not just healed, but actually went away, leaving a sense of wholeness and love and happiness in it place. This was more than talking through things and changing my thought. This was a ture Spiritual transformation and rebirth.
It’s amazing that each session, each practioner, brought some unique and special gift to me each day. Even more amazing was how each meshed perfectly to weave an incredible experience.
I experienced not just a refreshing break, but a true transformation that is life altering. I will be back!”
Jon C., Harden, CT

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