We’ve all heard about the healing properties of nature. Many doctors are now recommending a day at the beach or a long walk in the forest as natural remedies for mild ailments.

Healing Benefits of the Sun

A simple way to introduce peace and healing into your life is to step outside into the sun. The sun is vital in sustaining all life. Even if all you are able to do is sit in the sun by your window, the benefits are undeniable. Studies show beneficial hormonal changes in the body after only minutes in the sun.

Vitamin D is absorbed in perhaps it’s most natural state from direct sunlight, which increases immunity and strengthens bones and the body. Serotonin is also produced from exposure to sunlight, which is one of nature’s antidepressants. The sun is also great for healing sleep issues as it helps set the body’s circadian rhythm. Being in the sun can help the body stay awake when it’s day time, and supply it with the melatonin it needs to fall asleep quickly at night. In addition, evidence in a Swedish study suggests that women who spent more time in the sun lived up to two years longer than those with less sun exposure.

Clean air in a natural setting boosts mood

Getting out into the woods, preferably in a quiet secluded space is also a great way to bring balance into your life. Trees and plants are powerful healing tools. Science has long known that trees and plants clean and create the air we breathe. Further, studies show various benefits of being surrounded by trees including lowered stress, lowered blood pressure, and increased focus. Breathing clean air elevates mood and amplifies our body’s natural healing abilities. Even urban landscaping with trees has been shown to reduce crime.

Earthing and Inner Healing

healing earth vortex energy sedonaEarthing, or establishing a direct connection between your skin and the earth, has been studied fairly extensively in the past twenty years. The earth emits measurable energy that has been used by electricians for many years, we call it a “grounding” wire. The same electric field can be used to balance the human body. Studies show that walking barefoot on the earth changes the makeup of our blood and balances our hormonal systems. Benefits include heightened immune responses, reduces aches and pain, faster recovery after exercise, and more. Grounding pads are a technology now available that allow us to experience grounding in the comfort of our homes at an affordable price.

Water as the essence of vitality

Water is another excellent way to introduce healing into the body. The ocean is a majestic healer; just hearing the waves crash has been shown to alter brains to create deep relaxation which leads to rejuvenation of the body and mind. Ocean water, rich in salt and minerals, has been long known to treat a myriad of illnesses. The magnesium in sea water is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating to muscles. Think of it as a natural epsom salt bath. Swimming in ocean water also has many benefits from the gentle exercise and stimulation of the parasympathetic system, which is responsible for digestion, rest, and repair. The negative ions produced by the ocean also promote health by allowing the body to absorb more oxygen. Negative ions are found in many areas, including water falls and even mountains. They have been known to increase mood and immune function.

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