Couples Alignment for Success

Are you ready to take your partnership to the next level?  This couples retreat will put you on the same page with your partner and will provide you both with a roadmap to achieving the life of your greatest dreams, together.  Get ready to embark on the greatest quest of your life together.  It begins with a phone call and your commitment. These group retreats are limited to 7 couples. So book NOW and reserve your spot.

Our Personal Retreats and Group Retreats offered at the BEST Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ are very personal and go deep.

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May 27-29, 2022
$795 per person

To BOOK this Group Retreat in Sedona Arizona, please call 928-282-2509

“I AM the beautiful creation that Spirit made me!”

Couples Retreat Description


Join us for a Couples Group Retreat in Sedona, AZ where we will share with you an Alignment for Success. It is so important for couples to “be on the same page.” SpiritQuest practitioners will guide you on a journey of manifesting your greatest dreams through learning self-care and healthy relating. Learn effective communication while establishing teamwork using the CEO/CFO model. Unlock unhealthy patterns by learning the value of honor and respect. Our couples retreat is based on the compassionate communication techniques.

This couples group retreat is perfect for those who are looking to take their relationship to the next level, or for those who are struggling with their marriage or union. The retreat is also valuable for those just starting a relationship or for those who are partners in business, as well as partners in life.

Couple’s Group Retreat Itinerary

Please plan to arrive in Sedona the day before the retreat is scheduled to begin. Check into your accommodations and get a good night’s sleep.

Discovering Balance through the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine



9:45 am – Registration
(Meet at the SpiritQuest Retreat Center)

10:00-12:00 Opening Ceremony
This session will focus on our gifts and taking a deep look at what it means to stand in strength with compassion and understanding. When we develop the “cathedral” of ourselves, we take the pressure off our partners to create meaning for us. We will learn how to hold space for each other and develop a rich and healthy relationship.  Learning Styles 10 years 10 Greatest Dreams for Your Life: How to prepare for the greatest manifestation of love, travel, financial freedom, etc. Design & Create your life together. Create Well-Formed Outcome statements.

2:00-4:00 Connecting with Sedona Energies (Outside)
Grow your understandings and bonds as a couple by venturing out on the land of Sedona. Explore healthy relating and the power of being present with one another.

10 Dreams, Manifestation, Wheel of Connection

Relax and learn stress release during a women

10:00-12:00 Compare & Integrate 10 Dreams. Dive into Self-Love and Self-Care. Learn to align with your partner. Learn the communication stances & how to manage conflict. Wheel of Connection. Learn what a healthy relationship is comprised of. Learn compassionate communication model. Validation.

2:00-4:00 Venture outside onto the land for an afternoon of depth. Learn to express your feelings and needs through the Non-Violent communication model. Learn to honor yourself and your partner. Increase intimacy through in-depth communication styles of validation. 

Teamwork, Breaking Patterns, Power of Believing, Sealing Ceremony


10:00-12:00 Breaking patterns, Shenpa vs Shenluk. Recognizing opportunity, protecting the agreement. Sealing Ceremony. Heart Prayer Vessel to carry dreams. Celebrate your dreams with a special ceremony and “sealing” to hold space for the dream to come to fruition.

This retreat was exactly what we were looking for!  The exercises and the experiences the retreat provided have given us hope and inspiration.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The Retreat sites were amazing and your guidance throughout the process were empowering and uplifting.  By honoring one another, respecting one another, and realizing that we are each an equal Cathedral complete and capable of achieving our dreams, we are able to move forward with love and confidence.  The opportunities to let go of past hurts, forgiveness, and learning new communication techniques were powerful and enabled us to grow in self-awareness.  We cannot wait to begin posting pictures of our achievements and to share with you are successes!  We are so grateful for this retreat, it was truly a life changing experience!

Agnes and James: Boulder, CO

Couples Retreat Information

Logistics: Arrive at Sky Harbor airport the day before the retreat, check into your accommodations and prepare to meet us at 9:15 the following day.

Transportation: Rent a car and drive to Sedona or take a shuttle and then rent a car when you arrive. (You can use UBER if you wish, but you will need to get yourself to and from the retreat venues).

Lodging: We partner with several hotels in town, please let us know where you will be staying. Review our lodging partners.

Food: We will break for lunch each day and there are food venues nearby. 

PaymentCouples Retreat Cancellation Policy