Recipe: Flour-Free Banana Bar Delight

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Healthy Nutrition for Wellness! Flour-Free Banana Bar Delight 2 c Gluten-Free Oats Bananas, 2 ripe, pureed 2 tbsp Ground Chia 2 tbsp Ground Flax Handful Goji Berries 1/2 c Walnuts 3 tbsp Pumpkin Seeds 2 tbsp Almond Butter 1/2 tsp Stevia Dash Cinnamon Mix well by hand Spread onto greased bread tin Bake 350 for [...]

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Blueberry Cardamom Overnight Oats

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Looking for healthy yummy breakfasts that are also quick? This recipe can be made days in advance in single serving to-go containers. It's filling and satisfying, as well as nutritious. Feel free to experiment with different ratios for thicker vs thinner oats. 2 c Milk (This is up to you. Coconut milk is a great [...]

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Low Carb Peanut butter and Coconut/Walnut muffins

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Check out this amazing and healthy recipe by staff chef, Jess! In food processor and blend the whole time: 1 c coconut butter 1 1/4 c walnuts 5 eggs 1 tsp vanilla 1 dash nutmeg 1 dash cinnamon 2 tbs lemon juice 1 1/2 tsp baking soda 3 tbs decadent blend by Spectrum (Chia, flax, [...]

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