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Meaningful Family Retreat Vacations

A family retreat with SpiritQuest is a wonderful way to experience a meaningful vacation. This retreat is geared for both adults and children. Our customized family retreat consists of about three sessions per day. Some sessions may be for the whole family while others are for individuals. The focus is on communication, conflict resolution, clear agreements, honoring self & others, and appreciation. What better way to embark on a vacation than to expand the consciousness of your family! It is rare that skills for healthy living are taught to our children. That’s where we come into play. SpiritQuest practitioners are experts at teaching life principles of integral living.

Living Your Best Life

Our promise during your retreat is to focus on each individual in the family and help each member feel heard. We have interactive sessions for children such as creating a mask, working with a horse, making a collage, or walking in our medicine wheel. Engaging in an activity, allows coaches to work with younger people, all the while diving deep into their feelings, and concerns. For parents, we offer individual sessions geared for “living your best life.” When we take care of ourselves, we take care of our children. It’s important to nurture others from a full cup rather than from depletion. Therefore, our family retreat brings about homeostasis.

Take it to the Next Level

When each family member feels valued and feels heard, there is mutual respect. This leads to a healthy family dynamic. When we not only look out for ourselves but realize we are part of a greater family unit, and when we learn to treat others with honor and respect, we achieve respect for ourselves. Our family retreat has many tools, techniques, perspectives, and insights to offer. Book your retreat today to take your family to the next level.

Learning to Love Yourself

2022-06-27T13:57:28-07:00August 12th, 2018|Categories: Family Retreat|Tags: , , , |

The Secret Gift is Learning to Love Yourself At some point in our lives, most of us wake up with these thoughts, "This is it. This face and conglomerate of bad and good traits. This animal with too much hair here and too little there. This being with all its flaws and pessimistic traits [...]

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On Being Present

2022-06-27T14:42:59-07:00November 1st, 2017|Categories: Family Retreat|Tags: , , , |

What Does Being Present Mean Again and again, we hear wisdom traditions ask us to “be present,” but what does this really mean? Often we associate this with lovely and nice things. Such as, taking a vacation, hanging out with the kids, planting a garden, or making time for a favorite activity. While these [...]

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Self-Empowerment Though Good Decision Making

2022-06-27T15:30:00-07:00February 3rd, 2017|Categories: Family Retreat|Tags: , , , |

Living Your Truth Creates Self-Empowerment  Live Boldly for Yourself for More Self-Empowerment What does it take to feel secure within yourself? The greatest culprit of self-empowerment is self-doubt. This is when we receive an answer to a question but we second guess it. Every day we face choices. The direction we choose creates our [...]

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Inner Child Healing: Activating Your Life Field

2022-06-27T17:00:24-07:00August 1st, 2016|Categories: Family Retreat|Tags: , , , , , , |

Qualities that an Inner Child Embodies Today, you are going to learn more about the following qualities that the inner child embodies. Basically, you need a good understanding of them to be able to implement them easily into your daily life. Chiefly, these qualities are . . . Non-judgment Spontaneity Trust Joy Adventure Freedom [...]

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Stress Management Techniques

2022-06-28T13:30:28-07:00March 24th, 2014|Categories: Family Retreat|Tags: , , |

Develop Good Skills for Stress Management Identify Your Stress Factors Stress is almost impossible to avoid in today's modern world, so you need to develop skills for managing stress. With a practical system and methods for handling tension, you can avoid the health risks associated with anxiety. Thus, leading an [...]

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Happiness and Inner Peace

2022-06-28T15:02:23-07:00February 22nd, 2014|Categories: Family Retreat|Tags: , , , |

True Happiness Lies in Authentic Self-Knowing As humans, we are conditioned to identify with a false sense of "self" through material items like social status, jobs, parenthood, relationships, and even hobbies. We take on labels associated with each role and eventually begin to identify our sense of self with the [...]

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