What is Wellness?

In its most basic meaning, it is a state of good health. Good health includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Let’s look deeper into each of these areas and assess whether or not you could use a wellness boost.

These categories aren’t actually separate. Our thoughts link to our emotional health, and our emotions link back to our thoughts, etc. But, to keep it simple let’s break it down and explore wellness categories.

So many retreats offer some pampering and a little time off, and that’s great, but often the results are temporary. People consider our retreats in Arizona the best for wellness. This is because they take a holistic approach and address all aspects of our well-being.

Mental Wellness

Mental health is when someone can handle life’s stress and use their abilities effectively. Do you have a lot of persistent negative thoughts? How do you deal with these?

Do you avoid any stress because of your inability to cope? Do you criticize yourself and others? Have you been unable to actualize your talents and focus your energies in a way that serves you and others? These are signs you need a mental wellness boost.

Suggested Sessions:

  • Mindfulness: Exploring the Gratitude of the Moment – 90 min.

To be present to every moment allows the mind to quiet. When we are quiet in the mind, we can experience the beauty that is constantly arising. Noticing this beauty translates into gratitude. Learn how to let the constant thoughts go and bring more joy and peace into your life. 

  • Stress Reduction Tools – 90 min.

Learn to break through old ways of thinking, old belief patterns, and operations. With new techniques for reducing stress in your life, you find balance and serenity. This session helps you break through the anxiety of stressful moments in order to lead your own life rather than it leading you! Tools may include meditation, sound, mantras, visualization, essential oil and more. Other tools may require you to let go of the need to control, or to forgive someone, or to allow things to be as they are and develop trust that you will be taken care of and all shall pass. 

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness means you have the energy to get through your day. You don’t experience a lot of chronic pain or other ongoing ailments. You exercise to the best of your ability, eat well, and sleep well. You feel calm energy radiating out from your center most of the day.

You remain “in your heart” even when stressed and don’t shut down or get extremely tense. You don’t stuff your emotions with bad habits like eating junk or overeating. You have habits that are supportive of your health and that light you up. 

Feeling like you need a Physical wellness boost?

Suggested Sessions:

  • Holistic Health Consultation – 90 min.

 What we consume changes everything. Do you eat a rainbow every day? If not this session is for you. We will dive in and look at your habits, lifestyle, and desires for moving forward. Proper eating and exercise can translate into better sleep. Sleep is essential for well-being. This session is a holistic approach to health. A custom plan will be developed to help you identify unhealthy patterns and dietary changes that are needed. Life becomes more vibrant as you open the doors to a healthy approach to living. 

  • Super Foods – 90 min.  

Super Foods contain valuable antioxidants that work to repair damaged cells. It is essential to incorporate powerful nutrients that keep you healthy and well. This session explores different types of super foods and devises a plan to incorporate them into your busy life! Leave with a wonderful knowledge of how to stay nourished and satisfied.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional health is being aware of your feelings, not blaming others for them, and being strong, forgiving, and caring. We courageously address old hurts and wounds instead of allowing them to fester or remain blocked.

You are willing to open your heart to others and the world. You can give and receive love, and you possess and actively develop empathy for yourself and others. If you need emotional healing, you may experience feelings of emptiness, sadness, and being stuck. You may also have constant negative thoughts and feel a heaviness in your chest.

Additionally, you may struggle to feel joy or pleasure. You may project your sadness onto others and feel lost as to your truth. 

Suggested Sessions:

  • Stopping Cycles of Self-Sabotage – 90 min.

This session is about the tricky and cunning effects and dynamics of self-sabotage. Identify parts of yourself that cannot validate how deserving and blessed you are. Whether you know it or not, due to past hurts and unhealthy messages, you may be constantly sabotaging yourself. Learn how to dive in deep to the places that stay hidden in order to break though the urge to belittle and degrade yourself. Understand your triggers and the vicious cycles that keep you bound. Your are an amazing person and you deserve love and respect. Start with loving and respecting yourself. This way you can open the doors to loving others.

  • Embracing Self-Love – 90 min.

Empower yourself by learning to set healthy boundaries and deep exploration of who you really are and what you deserve. Learn how to stop judging yourself and instead fill your life with respect, honor, and forgiveness. Find tools for nurturing the self and discover where and how you have been trapped in self-loathing. Self-love is important because it is the first step require in order to have health relationships with others. 

Spiritual Health

Spiritual Wellness means that your actions have a purpose. You know that everything you do, say, think, and feel should match your personal values. Do you know your values?

What is most important to you? If this were your last day alive what would you regret spending time on? What matters most?

Do your daily actions reflect this? The answers to these questions are deeply personal.

For many, these “big” questions come from a higher power but need not be. What matters is that the wellness you’ve worked toward in all other areas of your life are in service to something or someone. Otherwise, meaninglessness, apathy, and lack of motivation can occur.

Suggested Sessions:

  • Spiritual Awakening – 2.5 hrs.  (Land Journey)

Who are you? What do you believe in? What does your own awakening to your spiritual path look like? This session takes you out on the beautiful red rocks of Sedona in order to explore important questions of how to get in touch with your soul self and how to take your spiritual practice to the next level. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your purpose? These are just a few questions to examine. The land is inspiring and this session is as well. Broaden your horizons and open the doors to a deeper and more fruitful spiritual path. 

  • Living Your Purpose with Passion – 90 min.

A life without purpose is a life without meaning. Finding your deepest creative passions and aligning with who you are at your core results in a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. This session helps you find your voice and uncover blind spots in order to create a plan where you move forward to reach your fullest life. Re-ignite your passionate fires and gain a sense of self to feel excited about your path and your purpose on earth. 

Wellness Retreats in Sedona Arizona

Spiritquest Sedona Retreats offers custom wellness retreats based roughly on these wellness categories. Our experienced intake guides will interview you and assess where you need the most help. Then, your intake will be matched with sessions and guides that will offer you the most benefit. We change lives because we understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing.

Call us today at 928-282-2509 to talk with Jessica or Kirti.  We care, and are here to give you the attention and experience you deserve.