Walking a Spiritual Path is Important 

Spirituality plays an important role in our daily lives. During the times of ancient cultures, those that chose a spiritual path understood the benefit of retreat from society. They got support from donations as they removed themselves from the typical mundane details of human life. These people were highly revered for their attainment and teachings. Those teachings are still being passed on to new generations.

Meanwhile, in modern life, many are seeking a new way to orient themselves to the everyday. How do we bring our best intentions into every moment? No matter our personal spiritual or religious beliefs, the struggle is often in incorporating our beliefs and good intentions into each day.

For some of us, we don’t even know what it is we “believe.” We know only that we are lost, hurting, confused, or simply not thriving. We sense that life is passing by. Consequently, we don’t’ know how to change. We need the
benefit of retreat.

The Role of Retreat in Modern Life

In modern life, a retreat is a miniature version of the ancient art of developing a spiritual and meaningful life. To retreat is an act or process of withdrawing.  Especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable. It is also the process of receding from a position or state attained.

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The modern social focus is on attaining, pushing ahead, and ambition. Unfortunately, without periods of re-orientation, we lose the purpose of our activity. Thus we lose meaning in our life. We need the benefit of retreat, now more than ever. We need the time, space, and intention to refocus on what truly matters in life. This awakens inner knowing. That leads us to understand and act in a more intelligent, kind, focused, and mindful manner.

By retreating from our busy lives, we can awaken and harness the energy and clarity to tackle experiences in a way that is constructive and loving. It is by reducing the usual stressors and stimuli that we can be true to ourselves. The benefit of retreat is that we create an opening that helps sustain what we learned when we go back to “the grind.”

It is the true test of spiritual attainment to reengage with society, our responsibilities, and commitments with equilibrium, purpose, and fierce, unwavering love. While we may not attain all these things in one retreat, each period of retreat, even if only an hour of meditation, can motivate us to bring our peace and grace into each moment.

The Benefits of Retreat

Our own inner development heightens and improves. Consequently, we find that we are creating less suffering for ourselves and others. This occurs in both big and small decisions every single day. We still experience daily struggles sometimes, so we call upon what we learned in retreat to assist us. Instead of getting bogged down and lost, we learn to stop, reorient, and go inside to find our balance and inner wisdom. We make choices that are healthy and constructive, guided by a deep inner knowing. We are less likely to choose haphazard or unseen destructive tendencies and habits.

Come on retreat and learn to call upon and find your inner peace, wisdom, and knowing. We have many retreats, customized to your specific goals, needs, and place in life. Seemore about Attachment & Desire

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