Empowerment & Self-Respect

Life can be difficult, with ups and downs, twists, and turns. Experiences like past relationships, childhood wounds, poor parenting, or bullying often greatly affect the way you see yourself. Many times, you will attract the people in your life that see you the way you see yourself. It is imperative to do the self-healing and self-work that it takes to rebuild self-esteem and self-worth. The result is that you will be able to thrive in your life and attract all the best you deserve!

Healing the past can seem like a difficult thing. But there is a simple approach to attracting healthy people and situations. The words “high value,” here are referring to a raised consciousness. The woman who embodies this has high values, she demands the very best from her life. She does this through growth, healing, empathy, humility, and kindness. She is a strong and empowered woman who inspires those around her.

Remember, your value is only something you can see within yourself.

Integrity & Responsibility

There is no better feeling than when you do something great for someone, and you do it out of the kindness of your heart. Integrity is like Spiritual manna. It is the thing that will make or break self-image. You know what you do and the thoughts you have. Are you a good person? Do you tell the truth and do the right thing? In order to truly see your brilliance, it is important to have great integrity. Taking responsibility is deeply important for Spiritual growth. When responsibility is taken, you stop blaming others. You become free to take your power back and know that you are 100% responsible for your destiny.

Self-Study & Inquiry

Women who have high values do self-inquiry and self-examination to grow and be better. You have shadow sides, and the parts of yourself that need love and healing, and this will be true throughout your life. The power of self-study, or self-awareness, is that it gives perspective. It helps you see who you are and what you need to be happy. If you are cloudy or unsure of who you are, or what you need to embody, you can become lost. Furthermore, you could get tricked into putting your power into external things, such as relationships, appearances, etc. Understanding core wounds or stories can give you insights into what you will need and continue to need throughout your life to be happy.

Powerful Unattached Kindness (Open Heart)

Kindness is deep and powerful, but kindness, when it is unattached to outcome, results, praise, or validation can be life-changing. The universe will give to the extent that you give. The more you are unattached, and gracious in your heart, the more the universe will provide you. A high-value woman is kind and considerate. She uses her kindness as her superpower and she lets go of how she may be affected in situations. She can give and receive nothing in return. Giving is the gift. When you walk through life unattached, operating from love and kindness, miracles happen. Stories change, and outcomes become exceptionally grand.


Choose Only the Best For Yourself  (Situations, Environment, & People)

Women who see themselves as worthy, powerful, and of high value, only choose the best people, situations, and circumstances for themselves. If they encounter something toxic, they walk away. You only have limited energy in this life, and you must use it for good. Your thoughts are powerful, and what you put your energy into will grow. When you demand only the best for yourself, you begin to see a Divine world enfolding before you. It all begins with a choice and each moment you get another choice of how you want to view the world and those around you. Let the people and circumstances around you show you what your inner worlds consist of. If you do not like what is unfolding around you, change it up. Never forget how powerful you are. If something is toxic, let it go, for something far more amazing will come into your life.

Never Judge Yourself or Others

Judging is easy to do. You can fall into believing that you have the superior perspective, that you know what is best. This may result in the judgment of a situation or person. This is not so. You have no idea what is truly happening in someone’s world. Judgments are typically self-reflections that are making you uneasy. You point out in others, the things you dislike in yourself. Instead of judging, use the opportunity to self-reflect. Think “Why am I judging this? Can this teach me anything about myself?” How can you become less engaged with this negativity and send this person respect and kindness?

The bottom line is that only you truly know your value. When you know how much you are worth, you will radiate happiness and light. You will attract only the best situation and people into your life. If you are seeing negativity in or around your life, try working on the steps listed in this blog. You are the one with all the power and control. You can build a castle of gold and beauty deep within you. Being high-value means that you strive every day for a better, more loving approach to life. You look deep within and look at your impact on yourself and others. You validate yourself and you demand the very best from yourself. If you would like more information about how to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, give SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats a call. We will help you to start seeing yourself as a high-value, empowered woman, who attracts the very best into her life. Let this blog be the thing that brings you closer to freedom and higher consciousness.