Personal Wellness Retreats for Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Connect Mind, Body, Spirit Through a Healthy Lifestyle

How Are You Feeling: Overwhelmed, Depleted, Physical Ailments, Anxiety, Sick, Stuck

How We Can Help: Refuel & Replenish, Nutrition, Clearing & Cleansing, Re-Balancing, Self-Nourishment

Vortexes in Sedona, AZ allows Spiritual Energy into Self

SpiritQuest is the leading provider of holistic Wellness Retreats in the only Personal and Group Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona. Our private Wellness retreat intensives are available year round, and consist of a daily core regimen which can be customized to meet your specific needs. It can also be customized in length. We have done wellness retreats lasting anywhere from 3-21 days. What makes our Wellness retreats in Sedona, Arizona even more unique is that they are all about you! ALL of your sessions will be one-to-one with a hand-picked team of master practitioners.

Private & Customized Wellness Retreats

Would you like to feel better and have more energy to enjoy life? In order to experience the type of long term health benefits that lead to a significantly better life, it is imperative that you follow a holistic approach to wellness and address all aspects of your higher being: mental, emotional and spiritual.

When any of these becomes unbalanced, the physical body manifests this state of unbalance through sickness, disease, and dysfunctional self-destructive behaviors. Our Wellness Retreats can help rejuvenate your body and restore your energy flow, while finally addressing the deeper wounds you may have been neglecting.

Wellness refers to a state of balance between mind, body and spirit, resulting from conscious choices that lead to better health and greater satisfaction. SpiritQuest wellness retreats offered at our Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona combine ancient wisdom with modern healing modalities: we offer sonic entrainment therapy, nutritional counseling, cleansing, and yoga

We also offer many different types of massage for the physical body; Chakra balancing and Reiki for the energy body; hypnotherapy, meditation, and stress management techniques for the mental body; and we offer numerous options including soul recovery, Spiritual Awakening, Tantra and Shamanic Journeys for the Spiritual body.

Remarkable Retreats for Healthy Eating

Have you suffered long enough? We believe a holistic approach is key to getting back on the right track. By helping your body release, heal and renew, it will be able to fight disease, pain, and illness more effectively in the future.

Imagine waking up to the fresh air and awe inspiring red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, doing yoga before a healthy breakfast, and then heading off to a Spiritual cleansing ceremony, followed by hypnotherapy in the afternoon and topped off with a hot stone massage.

The beautiful weather in Arizona combined with the vortex energy of Sedona make this the perfect place to initiate major long-term changes in your lifestyle. You’ll come home after your Health & Wellness Retreat feeling more alive and freer than you’ve ever felt before, and the people in your life won’t be able to help but notice. For those who need some ongoing support, SpiritQuest can offer weekly support via video conference call as well.

The staff at SpiritQuest Retreats is honored to welcome you to the Health & Wellness Retreat Center in Sedona where we will gently guide you toward a happier, more vibrant life. We offer intensive Holistic Health and Wellness retreats customized for your specific goals, lasting anywhere from 3-21 days.

Being a scientist, I guess I am not your typical New Age retreat person. But a long history of chronic pain had reduced the quality of my life and relationships with my family to a very bad place. I researched a lot of different spiritual retreat places and found SpiritQuest. I had a quite a number of really wonderful healing practitioners that were suggested by SpiritQuest over my 10 day stay. A Yoga teacher/massage therapist I worked with had found that exercises I had been doing for many years were actually damaging my degenerated spine. She helped me so much that this year I went back and spent another 12 days in Sedona to further develop my own healing talents. Since pain interferes with relationships, my marriage was on the rocks during my first visit to SpiritQuest, and I was not as close to my 3 daughters as I would have liked. The improvement in these interpersonal relationships over the last year has been the most profound experience – I can’t even find words to describe how it has improved the quality of my life. SpiritQuest just seemed to intuitively know who I would resonate with. And BTW, my wife was the one who suggested that I return this year to continue the work!
Richard W., Cary, NC

How to Prepare for our Wellness Retreats in Sedona, AZ:

As we move through our lives it is our intentions that make the difference. What do you need in your life for healthy eating and premium health? What do you need to do in order to let go of depressionand anxiety? How can you gain personal enlightenment? Before you embark on one of our Wellness Retreats for healthy living in Sedona, we recommend that you take some time to journal. Create two columns, one for identifying those elements that you need to release and one for what you need to invite in for Spiritual Healing and Self-Awareness. Write at least three statements for each. In the left column you will state what you are willing to let go of. Then in the right column write a positive affirmation for personal growth and Spiritual Healing. Below we have given you an example:

Intention of Letting Go Positive Affirmation of Healing
I release sickness and poor health I am healthy vibrant and eat well

As you become clearer on the pain and patterns you carry and as you become more willing to allow healthy eating and health lifestyle, you will begin your own transformation. The next step for our Health & Wellness retreats is to reach out to us for a personal consultation where we can take your goals and intentions and create one of our perfect health & wellness retreats just for you. Sedona, Arizona is calling you. SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats is calling you. Do this one for yourself! You deserve it.

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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”