Couples & Personal Spa Weekend Getaways: Mindful Relaxation

Massage for Spa Weekend Getaways

Let Tension Melt Away and Let Your Serenity Return!

The pace of modern life is extremely stressful. We face many difficult challenges every day trying to meet the demands of family, work and relationships. Sometimes the pressure is overwhelming. That’s why you need time to renew your energy, refresh your mind, and restore your soul.

Sometimes a quick getaway sounds just right… to a place where you can be totally nurtured and pampered. A place where you can get refocused and hear your own inner voice again. That’s where our Spa Weekend Getaways at SpiritQuest Retreat Center in Sedona comes in.

While we can arrange a spa retreat of any length, our Spa Weekend Getaways are just perfect for individuals and couples who want to spend four days in Sedona, Arizona. You will enjoy luxurious spa sessions, visit the Sedona Vortex sites, and have free time left over to check out the shops and galleries or journal about your Sedona experience.

Massage oil for spa weekend getaways

Our amazing spa weekend getaways are just perfect for your budget! You’ll feel like royalty as you experience the best massage therapists Sedona has to offer, then wrapped in spiritual insights that to produce a long term changes. Let your radiance shine! Now is the time to submerge yourself in the magic and beauty of Sedona with an unforgettable spa vacation that could only happen here… the most beautiful place in the United States and the most visited pilgrimage destination in North America!

If you are ready for one of our spa weekend getaways which combines incredible massage and facial treatments with learning to meditate and a visit to the Sedona Vortex sites, SpiritQuest can help. You’ll feel whole and healthy again with one of our Spa Weekend Getaways at our Retreat Center Spa Rooms! You won’t just feel relaxed when you return home. You’ll be transformed! Rejuvenated and energized, you’ll be ready to experience the beauty and wonder of life in a whole new way.

Let Yourself Feel Pampered for a Spa Weekend Getaway!

Ultimate Massage treatment for Spa Weekend Getaway

While on our Spa Weekend Getaways you might want to experience something out of the ordinary. That’s why we have a wide variety of sessions to choose from. You might want to start your day with a hike out on the land before you wind down with a delicious treatment on the table. Our spa weekend getaways are customized to meet your needs. Walk a medicine wheel or elect a horse medicine session, the sky is the limit! Just let us know what is your heart’s desire and we will make it happen.

I am so grateful for this experience! Every practitioner made me feel comfortable and loved and respected…before I came here I was angry, bitter, and depressed. Now I see that I am actually full of love, light, forgiveness, acceptance, and hope…now I see that I have a purpose – to help and heal people and that everything that has happened up to this point was to lead me to that purpose….
Becky P, Denver, CO


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