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Invest in yourself with a Spa Getaway package at our tranquil Retreat Center in Arizona! Your Spa Retreat Vacation in beautiful Sedona will consist of approximately 3-6 hours per day of private one-on-one sessions at our beautiful Retreat Center, leaving you time between sessions to relax and explore Sedona, AZ on your own, go for a hike, journal or check out the shops and galleries. Our Spa Getaways can be combined with a number of other types of sessions for emotional healing support, spiritual connection, horse medicine, sound sessions, and more. We can customize your experience just for you. Just give us a call.



Sample Itinerary for Spa Getaway

Tlaquepaque in Sedona, AZ for shopping

Arrive in Sedona, AZ – Check into your accommodations and enjoy some free time for the afternoon to either hike into the sacred red rock vortexes in Sedona, or visit the towns’ amazing shopping centers.  SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats welcomes you and will pamper you on this Spa Getaway.

Essential oils and candles are part of your Spa Weekend Getaway

Releasing and Healing Ceremony – Your guide will take you outside for a private ceremony. During this releasing ceremony you will connect with your heart song and set your intention for the retreat. This is your loving getaway and gift for yourself! You deserve it.

Hot Stone Massage – Let go of deep stress hidden within the body. Warm stones release deep tension and anxiety. This deeply relaxing Spa Weekend Getaway session releases all that you are holding onto while using smooth, dark river stones prepared with hot oil. Sink into this warm, nurturing treatment and you receive a deep tissue or Swedish massage.

Guided Meditation & Breathing  – In this session you will quiet the mind and focus on the rhythm of your breathing. Meditation is enriching mentally, physically, and spiritually. During this session you will be guided through a tranquil journey allowing you to move to a place of deep calm within yourself. These are techniques that you can incorporate into your life to help manage stress levels and depressive states of mind.

Sedona Hot Stone Treatment for Spa Weekend Getaway

Sedona Vortex Experience – Get outside and experience the unique energy that has drawn millions of visitors to Sedona!  Our guides will take you to private locations and use special tools like guided meditation to open your heart to its inner wisdom. During this Spa Weekend Getaway session you will be guided through a tranquil journey, allowing you to move to a deep place of stillness and rhythm within yourself. You will come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Chakra Balancing & Vibrational Healing – Chakras is the name given to the seven main energy centers of our body. They are located at different points throughout the physical body and are associated with particular parts of the body. Every sense, feeling and experience is connected to a specific chakra. When you are stressed about something, the chakra itself can become unbalanced and this manifests itself as illness in your physical body. This session helps to balance your energetic body.

Sedona Hydration Wrap, Light Massage and Energy Work Relax in the SpiritQuest Retreat Center massage room and experience re-connection as this session begins with a dry brush technique that sloughs off dead skin and stimulates the circulatory system. Following this “cleansing” process, the body is re-hydrated with luxurious body oils and you are wrapped in a delicious application of warm towels. The body and spirit are cleansed and renewed. Then you are taken on a guided meditation where you are invited to leave the ego behind. New doors open and new insights are gained.

Mind, Body & Spirit Closure – During this Spa Weekend Getaway session you will look back on your experience and return to your initial intentions. We will help you integrate the whole experience. How relaxed are you now!

Depart Sedona – Leave our SpiritQuest Retreat Center in Sedona feeling centered and balanced. Make a commitment to yourself to give yourself the attention you need on an ongoing basis. Our retreats help you learn the value of self-nurturing and healing. Be the best you can be!

“This whole experience was more than I had hoped it would be! Probably the greatest gift my husband has ever given me. I came to Sedona with a friend and we did some sesssions together and some apart. We had several spa sessions and then we added a land journey or two. We also loved the energy work of Reiki and Chakra. This Spa Getaway was just what we needed to focus on ourselves!”
Cindy G.

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