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Shamanic Wisdom is a pathway of spirituality that can heal your fears and discover your life purpose. It will allow you to see the shining truth about who you are and create a deeper meaningful connection with your spirit and the earth. This is part of the new path you will find at our Shamanic Retreats.

If you’ve arrived at this page because you’re looking for a Shamanic Journey in Sedona, then we have a question for you: Do you REALLY know what you’re asking for and are you REALLY ready to receive it?

If what you want is to have an authentic spiritual experience of yourself and re-establish a spiritual connection with Nature so that you feel at home in your skin, then you’ve definitely come to the right place because that’s what our Shamanic retreats are all about. Sedona, Arizona is known for its vortex energies for re-connection and healing. When you venture out on the land and connect with your own personal guides, you will understand a vital aspect of your journey.

Private & Customized Shamanic Retreats in Sedona

What Is Neo-Shamanism?

Neo-Shamanism is based on the understanding that a sacred spirit dwells within each of us. This “inner-Shaman” already knows the answers to the most fundamental and important questions in your life. Unlike traditional shamanism, where the mystical experience is sometimes only available to a single member of the tribe, Neo-Shamanism asserts that the mystical experience is available to all who are ready and willing to receive it. And, we can customize your journey to whatever it is you need.

Our Retreats have absolutely nothing to do with any Native American tribe, because none of those cultures ever used the word “Shaman” to refer to their healers– the word Shaman actually comes from Siberia. What Neo-Shamanism shares with traditional Shamanism and Native American cultures is an emphasis on living in harmony with Nature, embracing the energetics of ceremony and prayer, recognizing that everything exists as vibration, and letting go of the logical mind so that you can be guided by non-logical ways of understanding.

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During our Shamanic retreats we will teach you that Neo-Shamanism reveals a multidimensional spirit living in a physical body — a body that’s moving through four dimensional space and time. You’re spirituality must connect you to your spiritual source in the present moment in order to have any relevance at all. Are you ready to surrender who you think you are in order to fully embrace your true Divine nature? Are you also ready to take personal responsibility for that divinity by managing your own energy in the modern world?

Both classical Shamanism and Neo-Shamanism are really more about your responsibilities — to the Earth, to yourself and to others — than they are about acquiring supernatural powers of healing or intuition. It’s about focusing on your own life purpose. Sedona, Arizona is the perfect place to do just that. If the Universe has any special powers it wishes to bestow beyond those you already possess, our experience is that a thorough demonstration of your willingness to surrender the ego will always be required in advance.

Life Purpose Shamanic Journeys In Sedona, Arizona

The SpiritQuest Shamanic Journey is a private one-on-one experience: it’s not offered for couples or groups. You cannot do this with a friend. If you want to bring a friend along they’ll be on their own journey separate and apart from you. Our Shamanic retreats are all about reconnecting with your life purpose once again!

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Because these retreats are facilitated by a very small group of practitioners with very special skills, we accept a maximum of 4-5 clients per month. None of the practitioners involved are tribal members and they don’t walk on water. But they’ve all walked the path you’re about to walk and are authentically themselves — not pretending to be someone else.

We can customize our Shamanic Retreats for you in order to enhance your journey by addressing your core issues. This is a heart-centered walk upon the Earth, and while we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way, you’ll have to carry your own load.

All anyone else can do is point you in the right direction, give you the tools you’ll need along the way, and help you process what you’ve experienced when it’s done. The experience you have will be entirely your own, so a great deal depends on you. But clients tell us that their experiences while on retreat changed their lives.

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During our Shamanic Retreats we teach the skills necessary to create an ecstatic spiritual connection to Nature and to the depths of yourself without artificial aids. These techniques are time tested and proven to work… but only if you’re ready to face your fear. This is not an experience for tourists. Shamanic Retreats are about going deeper within yourself and looking at the blockages, walls, deceptions you have fallen prey to.

The difference between the mystic and everyone else is that they see miracles where others see only danger. The mystic joyfully dives into the pool head first, where others sit at the edge and dip their toes in the water.

I can’t say enough about my Shamanic retreat. It was more than I ever could have dreamed of. I was so stressed out in the city that the calm of Sedona brought me great relief! Every practitioner I worked with brought amazing insights and healing. I remember laying under the stars and finally feeling connected when a deep peace came over me. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything because I will never be the same. I can’t thank SpiritQuest enough.
Thomas P., San Diego, CA

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