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Shamanic Retreat Itinerary

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Shamanic Retreat Itinerary: Finding Yourself in Sedona, AZ

Medicine Wheel experience during your Earth Medicine Wisdom Retreat Session in Sedona, AZ

Discovering Who You Are

What makes a SpiritQuest Retreats in Sedona, AZ Shamanic Retreat so powerful is that it’s all about you! This retreat with SpiritQuest Retreats is like a birthing process to rebirth the Self. You will explore a place of rejuvenation where you learn to connect with your guides, ask questions, listen for information and gain awareness at many levels. This process is a powerful vehicle to the ultimate knowing of Self, which is a priceless gift for your life purpose. With one-on-one attention from our hand-picked practitioners, you’ll experience a nurturing safe place to to re-connect with who you are. If you need to shift the energy and let go of the past so you can start moving forward again, a customized shamanic retreat is the best choice to find the true self and gain happiness and peace once again.

As you read the Shamanic Retreat sample itinerary below please keep in mind that we can customize a healing retreat lasting anywhere from 2 to 14 days depending on your specific goals. The itinerary below represents just one possibility. Our promise is to construct a personal shamanic retreat package that addresses all aspects of being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You can expect 4-6 hours per day in a private setting with our expert team of spiritual healers and shamanic guides. This is a highly intensive and personal experience resulting in self-discovery and personal growth.

Sample 6-Day Itinerary for Shamanic Retreat

Red Rock Vortexes ia Sedona to Awaken your heartArrive in Sedona, AZ – Check into your accommodations and relax. This first evening is a good opportunity to spend some time outdoors by yourself in silence and meditation.

Shamanic drum ceremony on shamanic retreat in Sedona

Welcome & Cord Cutting for Shamanic Retreat – You’ll be met by your personal Spirit Guide in the morning to receive your welcome packet. If you’ve already added sessions beyond the core program, you’ll also receive your finalized itinerary at this time. The cord cutting ritual that follows requires you to surrender completely and break all ties with the person you have been in the past.

Insights Into Self: Breaking Old BeliefsIn this Shamanic retreat session you will learn how belief systems are the “instructions” you have in your subconscious mind which determine all aspects of your life. Many of these beliefs were formed early in childhood and have plagued us ever since, which causes us to place limitations on ourselves which have no basis in our true reality. By looking at the patterns and the tracks you have left behind, you learn to recognize your limiting belief systems and how they actually affect your life.

Drum Initiation – Dating back more than 8,000 years the drum is the oldest instrument known. It’s truly the one instrument that unites all tribes and all cultures. But the drum is more than just a musical instrument. In various cultures it was also used in healing ceremonies, to communicate with the spirit world, and to bond communities together. Playing the drum is something virtually everyone can do, and in the right context it can be a primal experience that’s both healing and empowering. The key to understanding all forms of Shamanism is to realize that the Universe is made up of vibrational energy. The constant rhythm of Shamanic drumming can induce an altered state of consciousness that opens a doorway into that world.

Digeridoo at Vortex for Sedona Retreat

Medicine Wheel Teachings – Stone circles have been a part of many ancient cultures dating back thousands of years. For the Shamanic retreat we use the Medicine Wheel as a teaching tool to explore the cycles of life and the meaning of relationship – not only to each other, but to all living things and to the Divine. The Wheel symbolizes the cycles of life and reminds us that everything is interconnected. We also use it as a means of understanding ourselves within the dimensions of space and time.

Deep Meditation: Meet Your GuidesThis session teaches you to go deeper and connect to your intuition and to access higher states of consciousness. You will raise your awareness as to your meaning of life and listen carefully to your inner promptings. During this session you’ll be taught special techniques that will allow you to connect with and align with the natural rhythms of the Earth and your Soul Star.

Shamanic Retreat Soul Recovery – Now it’s time to re-integrate that part of you that was lost a long time ago. A basic principle found in many cultures is that part or all of the soul can leave the body to cross the veil for the purpose of contacting Spirit Guides. “Soul Pieces” are parts of the Soul that were once part of the whole but became fragmented due to trauma or emotional upheaval. The fragmented part holds the memory of the event and the full emotional impact of it. The concept is that this soul piece leaves so that you can continue to function. The idea is that it leaves the body in order to protect the whole. The price for this protection is that you become “shut down” or “numb” in some area of your life. In a Soul Recovery session the lost part is retrieved so that you can feel whole again.

Sun rays in sedona during a Shamanic Sound Healing for personalized spiritual growth

Transformational Breathwork – This is a safe and effective way to trigger experiences of non-ordinary consciousness that open you to a deeper spiritual understanding. Lost memories from your past, experiences from your birth, and dream states cab become available to you through awareness, helping you transcend ordinary thoughts and habits.

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior – It’s time to explore the laws of proper relationship, which necessarily involve reciprocity and mutual respect in order to be healthy. These laws apply to everyone, whether we’re conscious of them or not. You’ll learn how to create harmony and balance in your life by cultivating gentleness and gratitude in combination with a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the greater good — which is the essence of what it means to be a warrior.

Shamanic Retreat Wisdom Journey – This session takes place outside in the red rocks. You have begun the process of evolving to a higher state of consciousness, and it’s a very strong beginning, but it’s also a process which has no end. Neo-Shamanism is about being connected with nature, understanding that we are spiritual beings born of the Earth, and then using this wisdom to create balance, health and success in all of our relationships. Traditional Shamanism is the oldest way in which the human race has sought connection with Creation and with themselves. In order to have any meaning, your Neo-Shamanic Journey must bring this understanding forward into the present and provide you with a path to the future. This session also deals with using dreams and the subconscious to manifest and heal. Relax and allow the Universe to unfold inner wisdom for you.

Devils Bridge in Sedona, AZ for Shamanic Retreat

The Canyon Journey – You’ll be going with your spiritual guide to one of Sedona’s beautiful canyons. Touch the healing waters Oak Creek or listen to the voice of the wind on a lonely mesa top, allowing Mother Earth to provide for a huge release. Be led by your animal guide to find clarity and peace of mind. Learn to let go and to be in the present moment. This will be a day unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Spiritual AwakeningThis is your integration and closing Shamanic retreat session. Spiritual Awakening deals with deepening your connection with God/Source/Spirit and working with you at your Soul level, asking the questions and exploring why did you come here? What are your lessons, challenges? What shadow are you casting? What is your purpose? How to get in touch with you at your core, the Source of who you are.

Shamanic tools for yoga and meditation Sedona retreat

Optional: We recommend that our clients take a free day at the end of their retreat program to process the experience all the insights they’ve gained.


Depart Sedona – You will depart Sedona with a new perspective and sense of connecting to your spiritual being and gaining self-worthiness and understanding self-purpose after your Shamanic Retreat. You are now the creator of each new day and you will take home tools from your journey to help you gain a sense a deeper understanding of love. If you need us when you return home take advantage of our phone counseling and life coaching!

“I learned that I’m not very comfortable or know a whole lot about myself. I learned that I need to work on that and learn to love myself. There are a lot of inner workings that seem to be the answer. It will be the answer to all of my outside problems and my life will be changed based on me doing the work. It will be better and more fulfilling by doing so. I liked how each individual made me feel special and important. The only thing that will make this better is if I continue to be able to have this support system. Thank-you for this experience!”
Stacy, Oklahoma

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