An Adventure in Sedona You Won’t Forget

Girls walking at Tlaquepaque by Oak Creek for Girls Weekend Getaway

A Time for Growth and Bonding at our Retreat Center

Picture yourself with your best friend in Sedona at our beautiful Retreat Center… on a  magical journey together to celebrate your sisterhood!  Designed for small groups of women who want to do almost all of their sessions together, this itinerary is the perfect way to bond and grow your friendship.  Or if you’re looking for the best mother/daughter retreat in Sedona, look no further!  We guarantee that you will leave feeling beautiful, creative, alive, and empowered. Embark on a Girl’s Weekend Getaway today.

Sample Itinerary for Girl’s Weekend Getaway

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Arrive in Sedona, AZ – Check into your accommodations and relax. This first day, if you arrive early is a good opportunity to spend some time outdoors by yourself in silence and meditation of the red rock vortexes, or just explore the town site.

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Welcome & Releasing  – Your SpiritQuest practitioner will greet you at our Retreat Center and assist you in a welcoming ceremony for your Girl’s Weekend Getaway. Become very present and acknowledge that enjoyment of the moment is what bring happiness.

Insights Into Self / Breaking Old Belief PatternsLooking for wisdom and insights into your life and future? In this session you can explore all aspects of being. You will be guided to meet your own inner wisdom, and regain balance in your life. Learn techniques for holistic and healthy living.

Deep Tissue Massage & Energy Work – Relax in our tranquil massage room at the retreat center and allow your practitioner to focus on your deeper layers of muscle tissue. Your SpiritQuest practitioner aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the fiber’s of the muscles, tendons and fascia.

Kachina woman vortex for girls weekend getaway

Sedona Vortex Hike – Get out on the red rocks for your weekend getaway and feel the unique energy that has drawn millions of visitors to Sedona! Our guides will take you to private locations and lead you in a personal meditation for healing and centering. During this Girl’s Weekend Getaway session you will be guided down a tranquil path, allowing you to move to a deep place of quite within yourself. You will come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Chakra Energy Balancing – Using a variety of techniques our practitioner will revitalize and restore your energy flow while you meditate in our Healing or Serenity room at the Retreat Center!  To maintain a healthy balance within the body, the Chakras need to be balanced. These are your spiritual energy centers and your energy needs to be clear and cleansed.

Mind, Body & Spirit Completion – During this Girl’s Weekend Getaway session you will revisit your initial intention and re-group for a sense of wholeness and completion.whole again.

Depart Sedona – You will depart our beautiful Retreat Center in Sedona with a new connection and rejuvenation to your mind, body. This is a Weekend Getaway you and your friends will never forget.

Girls weekend getaway renewal and self-help

Girls weekend getaway to re-fresh and re-plenish

Take home tools from your journey to help you gain a sense a deeper understanding of love and connection. If you need us when you return home take advantage of our phone counseling and life coaching!

” We had so much fun! My two girlfriends and I took a couple of days out of our schedule to have spa treatments, vortex tours, sound healing, walking the Medicine Wheel, and more. I loved it. We were able to bond and create an adventure we all will remember. Wonderful practitioners! I can’t wait to come again next year.”
Jana O., Allience, NE

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