Girl’s Weekend Getaway Itinerary: An Adventure in Sedona

Girls walking at Tlaquepaque by Oak Creek for Girls Weekend Getaway

Time for Growth and Bonding!

Picture yourself with your best friend in Sedona at our beautiful Retreat Center… on a  magical journey together to celebrate your sisterhood!  Designed for 2-3 women who want to do almost all of their sessions together, this itinerary is the perfect way to heal your heart and expand your spirit.  Or if you’re looking for the best mother/daughter retreat in Sedona, look no further!  We guarantee that you will leave feeling beautiful, creative, alive and empowered. Embark on a Girl’s Weekend Getaway today!

Sample 5-Day Itinerary for Girl’s Weekend Getaway

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Arrive in Sedona, AZ – This is a good time to reflect on the journey you are about to embark on. Identify your intentions and goals for your girl’s weekend getaway.

Hot stone massage for girls weekend getaway

Welcome Ceremony & Hike  – Arrive at our SpiritQuest Sedona Retreat Center where your practitioner will take you out for a ceremony.  During this private adventure you will connect with the land, set your intention, and express what you would love to have for the future!

Accessing your Inner Goddess through Archetypes of the Divine Feminine  – Delve into your Inner Goddess and explore how the divine feminine shows up in your life chart. You will learn how to understand the sacred feminine aspects of yourself and how to empower your life by balancing and knowing the ways of the Goddess. You will realize who she is and how she can work for you as a guide, mentor, and role model, allowing you to tap into your intuition, heart, strength, compassion, and empowerment.

Sedona Experience Massage  – This girl’s weekend getaway bodywork treatment begins with a gemstone (Chakra) polarity balancing blending into a personalized combination of Swedish, and Deep Tissue with hot rocks to soothe the spirit in our amazing Retreat Center massage rooms.

Kachina woman vortex for girls weekend getaway

Sedona Vortex Hike  – Get outside and feel your connection to All.  Concentrated vortex energy is everywhere in Sedona and helps us amplify whatever is needed for our spiritual growth and awareness.  Our guide will take you to a special place on the red rocks and use special tools like meditation, chanting, crystal bowl sound healing, and yogic breathing to gently open you to the subtle Earth energy that makes this such an amazing place.

Chakra Balancing – Using a variety of tools the practitioner will revitalize and restore your life force energy!  Chakra is the Hindu name given to the energy centers of our body. To maintain a healthy balance within the body, the Chakras need to be balanced.

Heart Awakening Hike  – This Land Journey Hike for your girl’s weekend getaway creates a pathway of unconditional love and light toward one’s self and all existence. Using ancient wisdom and knowledge your guide will give you insights, you will feel the essence of your soul and come into the remembrance of who you are at your core.

Girls weekend getaway renewal and self-help

Deep Meditation  – No experience necessary! Over the last 30 years modern science has finally begun to recognize and catalog the enormous health benefits of daily meditation.  Because the mind and body are intimately connected, when the mind settles down, so does the body.  Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce both heart rate and blood pressure, in addition to normalizing sleeping and eating habits.  Those who meditate report increased levels of self-esteem, energy, and creativity, improved focus and concentration, AND a greater overall sense of well-being.  Best of all, anyone can learn to meditate. Once you know how, all of these benefits can be yours — absolutely FREE — for the rest of your life!  During this session you will be guided through a tranquil journey using sound and breathing techniques, allowing you to move to a deep place of stillness and rhythm within yourself. You will come out glowing.

Living Your Purpose With Passion  – Our passions always lead us to our purpose. Yet at times we become disconnected from true selves and our purpose. We lose our way. This Women’s session focuses on re-igniting the fires of creative self and helping you realize your purpose on a deep and meaningful level. Tools are given to help your re-discover that which you have been missing. Find your own voice, learn who you are at your deepest core.

Mind, Body & Spirit Integration  – During this last session you will  reflect on your girl’s weekend getaway experience with your SpiritQuest guide, then discover how to live your own inner power to create a more happy, abundant and healthy life.

Depart Sedona – Time has come to return home but the bonding and laughter you experienced on your Girls Weekend Getaway will never be forgotten! Next time you might want to pick a Spa Weekend, or go deeper with a personal Spiritual Retreat at our Retreat Center.

“The progression of the sessions built on each other and through that it tied everything together for me. I left with a clear sense of the life changed I need to make. Wonderful practitioners!”
Jana O., Allience, NE

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