Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is the discovery of our pure genuine self by stripping away the surface levels of who we believe we are. SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats offers a variety of retreats that will guide you and equip you with Spiritual Tools.

Women’s Empowerment: Re-Claiming Your Power

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Women's Empowerment: A Long Journey The word empowerment is exciting, liberating, and terrifying. Therefore, we hold back and push women down as a result. Emaciated fashion models and oppressive religions demonstrate this. We live in a culture of playboy bunny look-a-likes. It is therefore natural for women to be told how to look, feel, [...]

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Deep Healing From the Inside Out

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Love and Peace is Discovered Through Deep Healing Most pain originates from a source wound. Consequently, we often talk about connecting to “source” as in a spiritual connection to God for personal healing. What happens though, if we connect to that source on the shadow side. Basically, meaning that we are connecting with the [...]

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Self-Empowerment Though Good Decision Making

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Living Your Truth Creates Self-Empowerment  Live Boldly for Yourself for More Self-Empowerment What does it take to feel secure within yourself? The greatest culprit of self-empowerment is self-doubt. This is when we receive an answer to a question but we second guess it. Every day we face choices. The direction we choose creates our [...]

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Spiritual Growth & Awakening

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What is Spiritual Growth? What motivates a person's desire for spiritual growth? Many are trying to answer these questions as our globe hovers on the brink of financial collapse and environmental change. We can choose to spiral into despair and anxiety or we can choose to grow spiritually. You'll know [...]

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