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As you read the sample itinerary below please keep in mind that we can customize a Couples Retreatt lasting anywhere from 2 to 14 days depending on your specific goals.  The itinerary below represents just one possibility. Our promise is to construct a personal couples retreat package that addresses all aspects of relationship building; especially with your own self being.  You can expect 4-6 hours per day in a private setting with our expert team of spiritual healers and relationship coaches. This is a highly intensive and personal experience results in self discovery, personal growth, relationship building and marriage counseling.

Sample 7-Day Itinerary for Couples Retreat


Couples Retreats for Healing and Relationship Repair
Arrive in Sedona, AZ – Check into your accommodations, relax and unwind.  This is a good time to reflect on your goals for our Couples Retreat.  It’s important that you avoid arguing and get a good night’s sleep so that you’re ready to begin in the morning!

Couples enjoying a massage together while on a Spa Sedona Retreat

Releasing Ceremony (Together) – Your Sedona Couples retreat at our Retreat Center in AZ will begin when your spirit guide takes you out for a special ceremony of intention setting after your orientation. During this session you will set your intention and identify those things that you need to release so your couples or marriage relationships can move forward.

Relationship Dynamics – (Together) – During this session the practitioner will first observe as you tell the story of your lives together, then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. The key is to identify the underlying emotions being expressed in the way you communicate with each other. This information will be critical to the healing process, because emotion is the music of the relationship dance.  In order to be successful you must learn to listen to this music and attune yourself to your partner. Once you understand the emotion your partner is experiencing you have acquired the key to facilitating a new relationship dynamic.

Couples Massage (Together) – Melt into this delicious full body tandem massage as you also learn how to connect with each other using massage techniques. This wonderful treatment uses energy healing to open the channels of love and intimacy. The therapeutic and soothing strokes melt tension in the body and open new channels of connection rekindling those flames of love that keep you aglow.

Breaking Beliefs session for healing sedona retreat

Awakening Through Movement – (Together) – Discover the Shamanic pathway to break through your old limitations.  During this powerful session a conscious connected breathing and yoga movement techniques is used to clear limiting beliefs, which inhibit the free flow of pleasure, ease, and grace in the body. Breath inhalation is an invitation of love, light, and spirit into the body and exhalation is a release of its opposites — fear, shadow and density. Movement is also used to awaken and activate every cell in the body, leaving you more alive than ever before!

Emotional Clearing (Separately) – This spiritual healing Sedona retreat session is designed to energetically remove and assist you with trauma and emotional, or mental health damage. Often emotional baggage inhibits us from experiencing the joy, richness and opportunities of the present. Using spiritual and self-help techniques, bypass the logical left brain and learn to embrace the moment and heal your spirit.

Breaking Old Belief Patterns (Separately) – In this session you’ll learn how belief systems are the “instructions” you have in your subconscious. These instructions determine almost all aspects of your life, similar to the way computer software determines what a computer will do. Many of these beliefs were formed early in childhood and have not been updated to a healthy adult viewpoint, which can be the root cause of numerous problems. By looking at the patterns in your life, the practitioner will help you learn to recognize your unconscious belief systems and how they are actually affecting you. Once the belief is found it can be updated, at which point it loses its power over you. This is an awareness session and draws from various yoga and meditation traditions.

Couples Retreat: Hiking in Sedona, Arizona

Couples Retreat Private Land Journey (Together) –

Unleash some of the hidden treasures within yourself. Experience your own personal beauty that rests with you as you walk the Sacred land of Sedona. Re-connect with Nature and feel the calmness within. This session allows you to process your emotions in a healthy way in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet!

Healing From Infidelity  (Together) – Relationships can be complicated. Sometimes things happen beyond our understanding. A hurtful behavior can result in broken trust and low self-esteem. This session deals with the aftermath of an act of infidelity. The session can be done together or separately. Sometimes facing the issue head on and working with your spiritual counselor can be very productive. For others, they must process their own emotions before they can become vulnerable enough to open their hearts again. Don’t let infidelity break down your belief in yourself and stop your ability to love again.

Re-Negotiating Relationship Contracts (Together) – When relationships begin there are contracts made and vows taken. Over a period of time circumstances change, people change, and situations change. What was once perfectly understood may become confusing. This session helps you re-evaluate your contract in terms of who you are in the present moment. How have your needs changed? How have the needs of those around you changed? Discover your own authentic truth and learn to have the courage to live it. Learn to express yourself in a clear and conscious way. Balance what you need to make you happy with what others need to feel content. This is what healthy contracts are all about!

Couples Counseling - Effective Communication

Nature Wisdom Walk (Together) – Take a walk out on the land with a skilled guide. Discover the wisdom of self-growth and renewal. Only you can change your life. Only you can raise your consciousness and let go of past patterns. Revitalize your life with a new awareness. Go deeper with yourself and know that you deserve to be happy.

Opening To Intimacy Once Again (Together) – When you or your partner fears intimacy, you may put up walls or push one another away. Usually, this fear isn’t conscious. One person may physically withdraw or create distance by not talking or even by talking too much. Either way, it may leave the other person feeling alone and abandoned. Fears of intimacy usually stem from emotional abandonment in childhood or can develop as the relationship becomes unhealthier. Open the doors to your intimacy as partners learning techniques to be vulnerable and present with each other.

Mind, Body, Spirit Integration (Together) – This may be the end of your retreat, but it’s just the beginning of the changes you came here to make. Now you will bring closure to your quest and pull in the loose ends. You have discovered how to use your own inner power to create a more joyous, abundant and healthy life…  the life you truly desire. You will feel a circle of wholeness and a renewal of Spirit.  You are revived and ready for new beginnings.

Red Rock Commitment Renewal - Couples Sedona Retreat

This is optional of course, but we always recommend our clients take a free day at the end of their retreat program to process their experience. It doesn’t really matter whether you do it here or back home, but if your budget allows WHY NOT spend that free day in Sedona, AZ! If you leave a little space in the journey you never know what might happen!

Depart Sedona – You will depart the SpiritQuest Sedona Retreat Center after your Couples Retreat with a new perspective and sense of connecting to your own relationship to yourself and then to others.  You will gain self-worthiness and understanding that loving yourself is the first step in healing relationships. You are now the creator of each new day and you will take home tools from your journey to help you gain a sense a deeper understanding of love. If you need us when you return home take advantage of our phone counseling and life coaching!

“My overall experience at SpiritQuest was nothing short of a miracle. I was skeptical that I could change so quickly within a span of 4 days. But nonetheless miracles do happen!
I feel more like myself again, and growing stronger each day. Something I have not felt in a long time and with a greater understanding that even if I fall of my path I can always land very quickly and get back on it. Thank-you!
Carley G., Lethbridge, Alberta

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