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SpiritQuest Yoga & Meditation Retreats:
 Feed Your Body, Master Your Mind, Love Your Spirit!

Sedona yoga and meditation retreatWho are you really? This seemingly simple question turns out to be infinitely more difficult to answer than it appears. It's the fundamental question that our yoga and meditation retreats seek to address.  We begin by recognizing that you're not the voice inside your head, you're not your thoughts, and you're not your emotions. In order to find your true identity and gain freedom from these distractions, you must connect with the beautiful soul that resides quietly at the very core of your being. This is your TRUE authentic self, a sacred spirit dwelling within that has no ties to the thoughts and emotions most people identify as "self".

Are you ready to make a change in your life, get in touch with your soul, and tune up your spiritual fitness?  SpiritQuest Sedona offers private intensives designed to help you do just that, with yoga and meditation training that's appropriate for your level of experience.  We pride ourselves in providing you with a loving environment that is ideal for your personal enrichment and growth.

Our private yoga & meditation retreats are offered year round and are perfect for individuals or couples with especially busy schedules. With a private retreat the entire program can be customized to fit your specific needs, making it the most life-changing experience we offer. You'll work one-to-one with a team of extraordinary teachers and guides who are focused entirely on you, so there is no wasted time and effort. This approach provides the greatest return possible on the total investment you're making to come to Sedona. Another advantage of the private intensive is the ability to choose your own travel dates -- we have clients arriving and departing seven day a week, 365 days a year. If you're ready to get serious about yoga and mediation, then the private retreat format will be your best choice.


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