At SpiritQuest we embrace people from all walks of life, all belief systems and backgrounds. Our goal is two-sided: to meet you where you are at, and to challenge you to see new perspectives. Our guides, like our clients, also come from extremely varied backgrounds. At SpiritQuest we maintain the truth that there is no ONE way. The doors to awakening, fulfillment, happiness, and wholeness are many. Healing is a journey; life is a journey.

Honor the Journey, Walk the path in Grace

SpiritQuest isn’t a static destination. For some, we are the beginning of something new. For others, we are a pitstop on the way, an experience to propel your personal development. Either way, each and every retreat, each and every session, we strive to meet you on your terms. We vow to embrace and respect your sense of self, your beliefs, and experience, while also helping guide you toward healthier and more liberated ways of dealing with the everyday or with life’s most challenging moments.

Belief, Metaphor, Art

SpiritQuest Retreats Self-Discovery Group Retreat

SpiritQuest Retreats Self-Discovery Group Retreat guides clients on a journey of the self within.

In this way, we support and believe in the need for myth and metaphor, and that many of humanity’s experiences cannot be summed up neatly or easily explained and so we need an expanded language, an artistic language, to fully satisfy our hearts. Faith and belief, or lack there of, is up to you. We offer a decentralized model of spiritual healing.

Decentralized Personal Development

At SpritQuest we do not use a “guru” model of spiritual awakening. Our spaces are free of a spiritual hierarchy that is common in most churches or religious centers, leaving you free to decide for yourself which methods, personalities, and skillsets work for you, which are “king” and which are periphery. (We do not disparage or claim to be superior to hierarchical models, we are just a different way). The need to remain open and willing to experience all our emotions, even the tough ones is core to how we operate. How often have our most profound teachers been the ones initially we greeted with aversion and fear?

We Don’t Sell One-Fits-All Retreats

We encourage our clients to try new things. But we also respect those that know what they need. This is your journey. That’s why it’s important to call us and why we don’t offer online “one-fits-all” retreats. What’s a healing retreat to one, may be inappropriate for another. Each and every retreat is custom-designed depending on your comfort levels, your biggest challenges, your goals and intentions. And yet, we have to marvel at the way the most successful retreats seem to come to those that are ready to accept what comes their way.

So Who Are Our Clients?

If you are on the fence, wondering if this is for you, know that we have an extremely diverse clientele: doctors as well as yoga-teachers, Catholics as well as atheists, we have engineers as our guests, artists, CEOs, mothers and fathers, managers, PR directors, researchers, professional musicians and astrologists, teachers, geologists are just a few I can think of from the last few months. There is not one type of person that comes through our doors, making everyday exciting and new. We strive to create an inclusive, loving space for all.
Healing Retreats will allow Yourself to Sore like the Birds

Healing Retreats will allow Yourself to Sore like the Birds

We hope to see you come through the doors soon! Check out our wide array of retreats to get your started on envisioning your retreat, then give us a call and we will further sculpt your experience. We can’t wait to answer your questions. Our office “staff” are all active in all aspects of SpiritQuest, not just answering phones. So anyone you get will be experienced and genuine. We do NOT want to sell retreats to those who aren’t ready. We are all in this line of work because we believe in it and we believe in the mission. For us, it’s a labor of love.

Talk to you soon,
Rayonna, Jessica, Athena, and Katherine