Raise Your Awareness in Sedona Arizona

SpiritQuest is pleased to offer the wellness group retreat “Awakening Your Sacred Voice” at our Health & Wellness Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ.  Join us for a sacred weekend where you will tune into your deepest heart voice and hear what it is that you need and want in order to raise your awareness. SpiritQuest Retreat facilitator for your retreat is a master at making you feel comfortable and safe in this small group setting for wellness. Enjoy Horse medicine and crystalline energies for an experience which will lead you to being the best you can be!

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February 12-14, 2016

$595 per person

To BOOK this Wellness Group Retreat in Sedona Arizona, please call 928-282-2509

“I will provide my body the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care it needs. I am whole and lovely at my core.”

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Retreat Description

Are you seeking a new beginning in your spiritual quest? SpiritQuest’s Wellness Group Retreat will guide you through an amazing journey to re-connecting with self. Learn to still the mind and focus your attention on a specific intention, while in a state of inner silence. Through Chakra Balancing, Crystals, and Medicine Wheel you will learn to clear your own negative energy to balance your emotional state of mind and release fears. The tools and sessions, you will receive are healing tools to awaken, activate, and stimulate your spiritual awareness. Learn to surrender in trust and dive into the depths of who you are. Join us for a weekend of balance and re-connection to self. SpiritQuest Reiki Master will guide you on a journey that is a unforgettable experience! If you would like, arrive a day or two early and participate in a few one-on-one Personal Retreat sessions with SpiritQuest at our Health & Wellness Retreat Center. Just give us a call and we can create the perfect retreat just for you!

Wellness Group Retreat Itinerary

Hike to Doe-Mountain while on your wellness group retreats
Arrive in Sedona, AZ

Please plan to arrive in Sedona the day before the retreat is scheduled to begin. Check into your accommodations and get a good night’s sleep.

Drums at Schnebly Hill for Shamanic Retreats
Intention Setting & Chakra Opening

9:15 am – Registration
(Meet promptly at the SpiritQuest office.)

10:00-11:00 Releasing Ceremony
You will arrive at the SpiritQuest Retreat Center where your practitioner will begin your wellness group retreat session.  This session will focus specifically on a path of self-realization and self-initiation that can lead us to the very core of our being when we let go of that which is holding us back. The participants in this spiritual session will use the medicine wheel to identify old patterns and speak them to the universe.

11:00-12:00 Intention Setting Drumming
SpiritQuest retreat clients will begin to understand that we all possess the power to manifest our intentions. Drumming is a sound tool that assists each person’s inner transformation. The drum serves as a tool for stilling the mind and focusing our attention on a specific intention, while in a state of inner silence. To the sound of the sacred drum we will walk our prayers into the earth and set group intentions on the Medicine Wheel.

2:00-4:00 Name Toning and Chakra Opening
In the afternoon, we open our hearts to receive as our name is toned around us. We will use our voices during your wellness group retreat to assist each other’s opening. Crystals will be used as we tone ancient sounds to open the chakras, with special attention paid to the heart, throat, and third eye. A guided meditation further assists the process. We learn to trust the gift of guidance, with Thunder Mountain as our nearby witness. We surrender in trust as we dive into the depths of who we are.

Crystal Grid Reading on Spiritual Sedona Retreat
Healing Tools for Self

Today wellness group retreat participants will work with various tools and techniques. Plant and mineral medicine have long been utilized to help facilitate a process of deep connection and for gaining awareness.

10:00-11:00 Essential Oil Experience
Through guidance you will pick a special oil and after connecting to it, allow it to express through you. The oil will be a tool to help the heart express through words and sounds.

11:00-12:00 Introspective and Decree of Truth
Clients will connect to their authentic truth of self-allowing each to express their deepest wants to the universe. Each of our souls are conscious and self-aware. Remember, your thought is the most powerful manifestation force allowing you to manifest beyond your wildest imagination. Express something you have always wanted as the group surrounds you in loving support.

2:00-4:00 Crystal Skull Connection
Explore your healing gifts through toning and meditation in the crystal skull circle. This powerful communal session allows the awakening of your own consciousness to manifest itself. Crystals serve as inspirational tools to awaken, activate and stimulate our spiritual awareness. Receive sound healing and explore your healing gifts during this segment.
We will commune with Mother Earth by venturing out onto the sacred land of Sedona to a crystal field. We’ll also continue learning the tools necessary to go deep within ourselves learning self-love and releasing of the past.

Spiritquest Sedona Retreat Wellness Group Retreat guide self-awareness
Horse Medicine

Today participants of the wellness group retreat will have the amazing, once in a lifetime, experience of connecting on a spiritual level with horses. These horses have taught clients how to release fears and blocks, and how to have the greatest, and most humble joy and gratitude for life. They teach patience, in a profound and gentle way. Horses teach you to trust, both in yourself, and the Universe.

10:00-12:00 Horse Medicine and Final Ceremony
Ground yourself in your new found wisdom, authenticity and guidance through connection with medicine horses. In this final session participants will be with the horses in small groups and support those who wish to ride. We will then close our sacred circle and allow our energies to continue in creating the highest good for all.

In the afternoon participants will have free time to explore Sedona on their own or have some space to schedule optional one-on-one intensive sessions.
This is a beautifully shamanic experience which allows for all levels of comfort in spiritual or energetic matters.

Personal Intensives for the Wellness Group Retreat

Our Wellness Group Retreat at the SpiritQuest Retreat Center can be done either as a stand-alone experience, or enhanced by extending your stay to go deeper through intensive one-on-one private sessions with SpiritQuest. If this is your plan we recommend you schedule at least one to four days as an extension. While all the sessions offered by SpiritQuest will be available, we have included below a list of those that are especially appropriate for this retreat. Those who feel the group sessions are enough may also elect to extend their stay just to experience some of the fun adventure activities SpiritQuest offers.

Recommended Intensives & Adventures:

— Awaken Through Movement
— Drum Ceremony
— Forgiveness: Letting go of Anger
— Horse Medicine Human Spirit
— Heart Felt Journey with Flutes
— Soul Recovery
— Chakra Balancing & Activation
— Nature Wisdom Walk


Adele - Spiritual Guide with SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats for Wellness Group Retreat

This Retreat is Facilitated by SpiritQuest Retreats Reiki Master, Massage Therapist & Spiritual Counselor

SpiritQuest Retreats practitioner  Adele is a sensitive and intuitive Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Horse Whisperer, and healing facilitator. SpiritQuest sessions with her often include intuitive messages through insights, enlightening information, and healing energy. Adele has been living and practicing in Sedona since 2001. Her gift is an integrated session that combines many different modalities. Her unique approach using the powerful healing energy of horses add to the experience and can facilitate the release of old blockages. Then the manifestation of self-growth truly begins.

Retreat Logistics


Oak Creek Canyon meditation and clearing anxiety for wellness retreat
the Wellness group retreat is hosted at a beautiful property in Sedona.

Lodging: Lodging and meals are not included. Sedona offers numerous options for lodging in every price range. The SpiritQuest staff will be happy to assist you in making your reservation at one of our partner properties.

Transportation: Participants coming from out of state will fly into Phoenix (PHX) and drive approximately 2 hrs to Sedona. Departing flights can be arranged any time after the last day of the retreat. Participants will need access to a vehicle for this retreat.

Booking: Space is very limited for our group retreats, so payment in full is required at the time of booking. If you cancel your retreat more than 5 business days in advance of your arrival date, SpiritQuest will issue you a credit which may be used within one year from the cancellation date.

If you cancel 5 business days or less before you are scheduled to arrive, the entire amount paid is non-refundable. SpiritQuest will only be liable for monies we have received, and not for any other expenses you may incur as a result of your cancellation. If, while on retreat, you are unable to attend any session or do not finish the retreat there is NO prorated refund. NOTE: If you are the only participant, the retreat will not be cancelled, you will receive 10 hours of one-on-one session.

Adele has amazing energy, you feel loved as soon as you walk in the door. She has a beautiful gift. I surrendered within the first five minutes. I felt totally relaxed. She has a wonderful heart along with wonderful words…the horse session was a powerful, organic experience. Adele has a beautiful soul and her horses are pure love. The experience breaks down your barriers. It allows you to feel and surrender. It’s so lovely to be at one with the horse, trust, and let go. Loved it!!!
Paula K., Perth, Western Australia