Finding Your Centerpoint

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Connecting Heart through Breath The Hawaiian word Aloha means “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” Ha, means breath. Alo, means presence. But this term encompasses so much more. Is it treating each other with respect, sending and receiving positive energy. Aloha Is Living in Harmony. It is similar to the term Namaste [...]

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Nadi Shodhana Breathing to Calm the Nervous System

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Nadi Shodhana Breathing Through Alternate-Nostril Nadi Shodhana, also known as alternate-nostril breathing is deeply relaxing and helps to calm the nervous system when done properly, such as with Yoga & Meditation.  First, sit comfortably – preferably in a cross-legged position.  Take the first two finger of the right hand to the third eye – ajna [...]

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