Sedona: A Perfect Place for a Men’s Retreat

Achieving balance once our lives have gotten out of sync can be a challenge. This retreat addresses how to align again through connection, context, right action, stress management, and appreciation. The SpiritQuest Men’s Group Retreat provides insights and tools to re-group and re-build in order to achieve tranquility, self-worth, positive attitude and deep connection. Our group retreats are small intimate gatherings open to men only. Our master guides will help you move from ego-based operations to heart-centered. The men’s group retreat takes place both indoors in our retreat center and afternoons are outdoors at a medicine wheel. The greatest take away is the “Well of Wisdom” to facilitate your own growth providing a deep empowerment of the soul. Shadow sides of the self are cleared and compassion, empathy, and love are brought in as the dominant force. If you like, arrive a day or two early and participate in a few personal one-on-one sessions. Give us a call and our retreat coordinators will help you design the perfect experience for you! Our Personal Retreats and Group Retreats offered at the BEST Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ are very personal and go deep.

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April 15-17, 2022

September 16-18, 2022

$795 per person

To BOOK our Men’s Retreats in Sedona Arizona, please call 928-282-2509

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men's retreat sedona arizona

Retreat Description

men's retreat sedona arizona

Our Men’s Group Retreat in Sedona happens a couple times a year and builds a “culture of appreciation” by strengthening bonds with other men. Replace resentments with appreciation. Learn to function from an “attitude of gratitude” instead of despair. The most powerful warrior is the man who is in touch with himself and has learned to let go of blame, distrust, and simply shutting down. Feel more alive than ever when joining this Men’s Group Retreat with SpiritQuest.

Let go of that inner critic and find peace. This retreat is designed to help you gain tools for becoming your best self. Don’t miss out of a special opportunity to take a time out and bring balance into your life once again.

Men’s Group Retreat Itinerary

Arrive in Sedona, AZ

Please plan to arrive in Sedona the day before the retreat is scheduled to begin. Check into your accommodations and get a good night’s sleep.

Connecting Mind, Body, and Soul

9:45 am – Registration
(Meet promptly at the SpiritQuest Retreat Center.)

10:00-12:00 Learning to connect with Self, Others, and the Context

This session at the SpiritQuest Retreat Center will focus specifically on insights as how to carry yourself in such a way to be congruent in all that you say and do.  Delve into your inner self and begin to effectively process your emotions in healthy way and gain perspective on where you are currently. Learn the Stances originating from Virginia Satir (Grandmother of Neurolinguistic Programming): Irrelevance, Super Reasonable, Blaming, Placating, and Congruence.

2:00-4:00 Aligning with Right Action (Outside)

Go out in the Red Rocks of Sedona where you will feel grounded and connected to the Earth. Dive into taking the right steps to become more “accountable” in your life. Questions arise such as, “What did I do wrong” “How does it impact others” “What are the consequences.”  This session will involve discussion and sharing.

The 4 Yearnings: Freedom, Love, Creativity, Adventure

10:00-12:00 The Well of Wisdom

The “Well of Wisdom” is to learn self-care and positive intention. This session focuses on how to achieve freedom through choices where we respond rather than react. Creativity is achieved by being a generator. Learn to influence your environment rather than being influenced. Adventure is about learning to take risks to grow and expand. Love is a well-spring that we continually fill in order to love ourselves and give to others.

2:00-4:00 Stress Management (Outside)

Learn the power of letting go while out on the amazing red rocks of Sedona.  Center and balance yourself with the power of Meditation and stress relief techniques.  Learn not to neglect yourself, your feelings, or the feelings of other. This session will provide tools for re-framing and releasing the “shadow sides” of yourself.

Building a Culture of Appreciation

10:00-12:00 Appreciation by Way of Empathy, Compassion, and Honoring (Inside)

This session guides you within to create your clear intention, promoting and holding peace and love foremost in your mind.  Release your energy that has accumulated and become stagnant, this exercise is an excellent way of releasing and mobilizing that energy, clearing and cleaning that space. Replace resentments with appreciations. Learn the attitude of gratitude. What a great way to leave Sedona!

**In the afternoon participants will have free time to explore Sedona on their own or have some space to schedule optional one-to-one intensives.

Our men’s group retreat can be enhanced by extending your stay to go deeper through intensive one-on-one private sessions. If this is your plan we recommend you schedule at least one to four days as an extension. While all the sessions offered by SpiritQuest at our Women’s Retreat Center or on the land will be available, we have included below a list of those that are especially appropriate for this retreat. Those who feel the group sessions are not enough may also elect to extend their stay just to experience some of the fun adventure activities SpiritQuest offers.

Recommended Intensives & Adventures:

— Insights Into Self
— Soul Recovery
— Chakra Balancing & Activation
— Breaking Old Beliefs
— Emotional
— Clearing
— Medicine Wheel Teachings
— Spiritual Reading
— Sedona Vortex Hike


“Stress was slowing eating away all that was important to me, yet I felt I couldn’t let go of this ideal image I had of myself and my life. I knew I had to change because I felt angry and saw the relationships around me disintegrating, yet I didn’t know how. SpiritQuest helped me reset my priorities, reconnect to a vision of myself as inherently valuable, and learn techniques to calm and recenter. The instructors were caring and knowledgeable, thank you SpiritQuest!”

Ethan L