Spiritual Growth

SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats located in Arizona, offers personal, couples and group retreats that will guide you through spiritual-growth and self-healing.

Spirituality and Sacred Meditation

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Meditation, Prayer & Creating an Alter Some people wonder how to meditate - what do I need?  Does it take special skills - do I need to go to courses, read books, learn specific techniques?  How about prayer?  Is there a particular way to pray? How do I integrate prayer and meditation into my [...]

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On Grieving

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Resolving to Resurrect The beating heart sounds the drum of the living. Every undulation is a new wave for life. A throb pounds in my chest. Racing wildly when nervous. Barely stirring while sleeping. Pounding deliberately while dancing. Then when my grief waves over me, LOSS pulls my pain into the deep abyss of Payne’s [...]

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Change Your Attitude

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What Glasses Do You Have On How does your World look to you? How has life been for you? Is the world a beautiful sacred place? Is your reality one of love and support? Do you have friends and family? Is your outlook for the future bright? Are your filled with extreme gratitude? Your [...]

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Spiritual Empowerment

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Spiritual Empowerment Within Ourselves A good way to understand the meaning of Spiritual Empowerment is to look at what it means to be dis-empowered. When we are not in our power, we are not in alignment with our purpose, talents, and gifts. In physics the word “power” means: the amount of energy put out [...]

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Spiritual Growth & Awakening

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What is Spiritual Growth? What motivates a person's desire for spiritual awakening? Many are trying to answer these questions as our globe hovers on the brink of financial collapse and environmental change. The instant of spiritual awakening occurs when you truly grasp for the first time that you are an immortal, [...]

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NeuroScience, Couples & Neo-Shamanism

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Neuroscience, Couples, and Neo-Shamanism We have to start with a little Neuroscience in to explain how you too, can achieve this. I'll keep it short. People who study the brain tell us conscious awareness consumes a tiny fraction of the resources available. That means the massive power of our very large brains is mostly [...]

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Happiness & Inner Peace

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True happiness lies in authentic self-knowing. As humans we are conditioned to identify with a false sense of "self" through material items like: social status, jobs, parenthood, relationships, and even hobbies. We take on labels associated with each role and eventually begin to identify our sense of self with the label. [...]

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