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SpiritQuest Retreats

Shamanic Retreats for Balance

The SpiritQuest shamanic retreat is an opportunity to discover the inner Shaman! SpiritQuest offers a “neo-shamanic” perspective which is all about stepping into our own empowerment and re-aligning with nature. Our shamanic retreat takes place out on the majestic land of Sedona, AZ. We work with the elements of earth, sky, water, fire, and either (spirit). The intent is to bring clients back to themselves in order to live in alignment with their inner truths. Often people get into a rut with unhealthy environments of artificial lights, planes, office cubicles, cell phones and more. These environments cause a disconnect with who we are at our core. A shamanic retreat can help clients hear their inner guides and stay connected with their tribal roots, thus achieving balance.

Power of Spirit Animals

Our shamanic retreat will explore Spirit animals and medicine wheel. Spirit animals bring insight, wisdom, and guidance. All of Nature is participating in every aspect of our lives. When we get caught in the hustle and bustle of a busy life, we find it harder to stay connected to our own spirit. Each animal totem has a different lesson to teach. Our skilled guides not only explore these lessons but will walk our clients to our medicine wheel in order to expand upon the lessons.

Medicine Wheel for Healing

A medicine wheel is a wheel of stones upon the ground with key stones being placed in each direction: north, south, east, and west. Spending time in the medicine wheel during a shamanic retreat is profound and transformative. As our self-knowledge expands, so does our understanding of what we need to do in order to live a fruitful life.

Becoming More Aware

Our shamanic practitioners have vast experience in guiding people to greater awareness. We do not believe that drugs need to be taken to achieve such enlightenment. In fact, using our techniques and learning to become “present” in life is more powerful than any mind-altering substance. We teach our clients how to alter their minds in a natural, yet powerful way in order to achieve long-lasting peace.  Call today for an adventure of a lifetime.

Shamanic Healing Retreats

2022-06-23T10:46:12-07:00March 28th, 2022|Categories: Shamanic Retreat|

Connecting to Higher Self through Nature Our Shamanic Healing retreats will re-connect you with your Higher Self, as well as, your true purpose in life. We do this through a variety of indoor and outdoor session experiences. For those unfamiliar with Shamanism, it is guide facilitated. Furthermore, it will strengthen the connection to yourself [...]

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Shamanism-The Embodied Way

2022-06-23T15:11:10-07:00October 22nd, 2018|Categories: Shamanic Retreat|Tags: , , , |

Shamanism Explained Shamanism is a healing method. It is a nature-based experience, facilitated by a guide. It isn’t a formal system or an ideology. The word "Shamanic" comes from the Siberian region. Consequently, Western explorers gave this name to the healing ceremonies they witnessed. Evidently, many cultures around the world practiced similar traditions in [...]

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Who Are You, Really?

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Asking the Deeper Questions Fear, frustration, and anxiety, in many people, stems from a fundamental misunderstanding about the true nature of the self. Many times we over-identify with one aspect of ourselves, while ignoring other aspects. When you shine the light of awareness at yourself when you are in a quiet, concentrated space, who [...]

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Neo-Shamanism, Neuroscience & Couples

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a Neo-Shamanism, Neuroscience, and Couples Neo-Shamanism refers to new forms of shamanism. It usually means shamanism practiced by Western people. Neuroscience is any or all of the sciences, such as neurochemistry and experimental psychology, which deal with the structure or function of the nervous system and brain. And the people [...]

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