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SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats located in Arizona, offers a variety of personal and group retreats to help personal, and couples growth in many areas including, relationships, self healing and health & wellness retreats to name a few.

Judgement and Compassion

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The word “judgement” has many connotations in English. It can have both a negative flavor (as in someone that constantly expresses superiority over others) or positive flavor (as in the rule of law and justice). Judging, comparing, and assessing are all aspects of our mind and the human experience. There is nothing inherently “bad” or [...]

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Self-Empowerment Though Good Decision Making

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Live the Joy of Life With Self-Empowerment Though Good Decision Making - Living Your Truth Creates Self-Empowerment -  Live Boldly! Live for Yourself. What does it take to feel secure within yourself? The greatest culprit of self-empowerment is self-doubt. This is when we receive an answer to a question but we second guess it. Every [...]

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