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Group Retreat with SpiritQuest

A SpiritQuest group retreat takes place every month. These retreats are different from our private journey retreats in that they are open to the public and have an established agenda. They are facilitated by various SpiritQuest healing practitioners and guides. The topic of a group retreat may vary depending on the month. The focus is either, spiritual, healing, shamanic, women’s, couples, creativity, or men’s group. These group retreats take place on Friday, Saturday, and end at noon on Sunday. Typically, our guests arrive on Thursday, although a person may come early or extend their stay to participate in some private one-on-one sessions.

Choose from 60 Sessions

Our group retreat packages are enhanced with private one-on-one sessions. These sessions are arranged in advance of your visit. Since our  retreats end by 4 pm each day, clients have time to add a private session to each day. Clients may also devote a day or two before or after the retreat to “go deeper.” Our clients choose from over 60 sessions designed to meet their needs. The best way to ensure that a private session is available is to call in advance. Our retreat coordinators assist in the selection. We are trained to help clients meet their goals and intentions.

An Affordable Retreat Creating Friendships

A group retreat with SpiritQuest is very affordable so if your budget is limited or if your time frame is short, this retreat is a perfect choice! Sometimes bonds that are formed last a lifetime. A group retreat is a great way to connect with others. These retreats are wonderful for hearing different perspectives and creating rich friendships.

A Retreat for Awakening and Adventure

Our group retreats take place both indoors and out on the red rocks. Retreat agendas are published on the website so clients can be prepared for a weekend of adventure, awakening, and transformation. All we ask is that you come with an open heart and willingness to make changes in your life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to achieve the alignment that is your birthright! Call Today.

Private Group Retreats for Yoga & Night Sky

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SpiritQuest Has Private Group Retreats SpiritQuest has private group retreats for yoga and night sky viewing. Imagine the sun rising. It's peaking over the horizon in the crisp morning air. Simultaneously, your group is guided through a morning yoga session while the Sedona red rocks are highlighted like jewels. Markedly, the mood is fresh [...]

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Group Retreats Events Calendar

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SpiritQuest Sedona Retreat Group Retreats Events Calendar As SpiritQuest expands we are proud to announce our events calendar that occur throughout the year. While the personal one-on-one retreat is the most popular, the new workshops are a wonderful way to return to Sedona for a three day "tune-up." SpiritQuest Sedona Retreat Group Retreats Events [...]

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