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The Power of a Couples Retreat

Opting for a couple’s retreat with SpiritQuest is a great way to gain tools and insights.  Our transformative couple’s retreat focuses on communication, trust, clear agreements, and shared responsibility. Often, clients find that their relationships are stale or perhaps there has been a breach of trust. Whatever the issue, our coaches are “relationship experts” and can help you grow your relationship. In addition, SpiritQuest draws from the Gottman Institute which is known for its proven science-based relationship tools. The goal is to inspire healthy communication and deeper connection. Similarly, a couple’s retreat explores pillars of healthy relating. Some key points are trust & honor, communication, and shared responsibilities. We also teach the value of clear agreements, taking ownership for mistakes, and working through conflict.

Improving Intimacy

Intimacy and improving the sex life is also addressed in a couple’s retreat. In order to have good sex, partners must feel emotionally safe. This begins with true intimacy. Intimacy means more than the physicality of sex. It involves feelings of love, respect, trust, appreciation, and speaking the heart. This retreat assists you in all of these areas. Learn how to become more vulnerable. Gain insights on how to trust. Implement forgiveness. But most importantly, discover how to take care of yourself.

Start with Yourself

How can we be great partners if we don’t know how to care for ourselves? Any dysfunction we carry from our pasts we bring into the relationship. Thus, a couple’s retreat begins with learning to achieve health and understanding. We hold your retreat in confidence so your privacy is protected. You will feel safe revealing your deepest feelings. Mutual respect is paramount. Our retreats teach love languages and how to let down barriers. Feeling valued is what intimacy is all about! Let SpiritQuest help you get your relationship back on track by booking a couple’s retreat today!

Why Go on a Couples Retreat?

2022-06-28T13:28:28-07:00May 29th, 2022|Categories: Couples Retreat|

Often couples reach out for tools to take their relationship to the next level. Society has the idea that relationships should be easy and constantly fun. The reality is that relationships require a great deal of patience. Relationships require understanding, commitment, and continued growth. Thus, going on a couples retreat helps you gain tools [...]

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Connect to your Inner Truth

2022-06-20T16:25:38-07:00July 29th, 2019|Categories: Couples Retreat|Tags: , , , , |

Connect to a Deeper You Very often in life we find ourselves at a crossroads. Maybe the coming shift is crystal clear to you: to stay in a relationship or leave, to change a career or not, to move from home, or stay.  This is when we need to tap into our inner truth. [...]

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Exploring The 5 Love Languages

2022-06-20T15:59:58-07:00September 23rd, 2018|Categories: Couples Retreat|

Love Languages Bring Couples Closer By understanding the Love Languages desired by your partner you develop intimacy and meet each other's needs. An open heart sees clearly and decisive actions follow. These actions improve your ability to connect with others and see their needs. SpiritQuest offers a powerful retreat session taking a deeper look [...]

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How to Make Your Relationship Interesting Again

2022-06-27T10:49:38-07:00December 22nd, 2017|Categories: Couples Retreat|Tags: , , |

Relationships take Dedication & Commitment To be in a relationship as a couple requires constant growth. The person we chose to spend our life with isn’t now the person we married or committed to. People change, needs change. We pass through life milestones and enter distinct phases of our lives. When we commit to [...]

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Change Your Attitude: Improve Your Relationship

2022-06-27T10:41:08-07:00December 23rd, 2015|Categories: Couples Retreat|

Relationships Heal with Positivity & Being Present Do you need to change your attitude? How does your world look to you? Is the world a beautiful sacred place? Is your reality one of love and support? Would you gauge your relationship as happy and peaceful? Are you filled with extreme gratitude? Your answers to [...]

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