Healing Power of Nature

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Healing Benefits of the Sun and Sedona Vortex Energy We've all heard about the healing properties of nature. Accordingly, many doctors now recommend a day at the beach. A long walk in the forest is prescribed too. These actions equally produce natural remedies for mild ailments. Basically, a simple way to introduce peace and [...]

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Mindfulness-Based Healing

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The Hidden Benefits of Mindfulness The power of mindfulness to transform daily life is limitless. Therefore, many aspects of this tradition and skillset are worth exploring. Mindfulness has another hidden benefit: the power of spontaneous healing. Inner wounds affect most people throughout their lives. Undoubtedly, Mindfulness-Based Healing is a powerful way to heal quickly. [...]

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Essential Oils

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Here's the Skinny on Essential Oils Essential oils have become popular due to their therapeutic and aesthetic properties. The most expensive oils use many pounds of plant material. In general, those pounds make only one vial of oil. The result is an extremely potent plant essence. When applied, physical and mental [...]

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Why We Need the Benefit of Retreat

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Walking a Spiritual Path is Important  Spirituality plays an important role in our daily lives. During the times of ancient cultures, those that chose a spiritual path understood the benefit of retreat from society. They got support from donations as they removed themselves from the typical mundane details of human life. These people were [...]

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What is Healing?

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Let's Ponder that Question When skin is cut, is it the antibiotic that “heals?” The bandaid? When injured, the body sends out a set of reactions. How often do we stop and appreciate the wonder that is our physical body? What about our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies? Healing is our birthright. A process [...]

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