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Imagine the sun rising – just peaking over the horizon in the crisp morning air. The Sedona red rocks are highlighted in such a way that they look like jewels as your group is guided through a morning yoga. The mood is fresh and dynamic for an early morning session balancing and centering your inner core.

Collaboration: BMF & SpiritQuest Retreats

spiritquest provides yoga at beautiful locations
This was the setting SpiritQuest Retreats provided for the NY based “We are BMF” group, an experiential branding and partnership conceptualization company whose long list of clients including Estee Lauder, Marriott International, Master Card, and Toyota to name a few. About BMF
SpiritQuest Retreats was one of the various providers included in the “Sedona Experience” for a well-known American skin care company. The event ended with a moonlit night atop the fiery red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Night Sky Adventure

Thirty were seated in a circle as the July full moon rose, silhouetting Cathedral Vista in the background. SpiritQuest facilitators told stories, drummed, and sang songs emphasizing the connection between all beings, all things – earth, sky, water, air, moon, stars, Universe. A sacred herbal flower essence water made from scratch and especially prepared for the group was shared with each person.
large groups gather for night sky adventure while on group retreat
A warm breeze blew and coyotes howled in the background creating an adventure of a lifetime. Another successful collaboration of Urban corporate America with rural “diamond in the rough” local companies. Thanks BMF for the unique and exclusive experience that added another ‘wow” to your resume and to ours