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The SpiritQuest Women's Retreat In Sedona, Arizona:
 Empowering Women In Transition To Reach Their Dreams


Womens empowermentYou have only one life to live, and so right now you have a very important decision to make. Do you have the courage to make your dreams a reality? If your intention is to change your life, the surest way to break out of the rut is to physically travel to a place of beauty and inspiration; a place where the focus is totally on you; a place where you will be nurtured and supported by a team of women who have already been through this struggle themselves and found the courage to break free.

Many women today yearn to live a more joyful, authentic life... a life more in alignment with their unique gifts and highest ideals. Yet no matter how much they desire change, they're so busy holding everything together and taking care of others that they resign themselves to watching their own dreams slip away. Others are too afraid of failure to reach beyond the familiar.

If your soul feels hopelessly trapped in a meaningless rut of duty and obligation, you're probably reading this right now wondering, "Where do I start?  SpiritQuest offers amazing retreats for women with packages starting as low as $595 per person.  Over the years our commitment to excellence has resulted in a reputation as the best retreat provider in town, with a proven track record of producing life-changing results that really last. We offer both private intensives and small group retreats. Which format is right for you?

There's a reason why SpiritQuest is known as the best women's retreat in Sedona!  


Customized private intensives for women.Private retreats are for women who want a program that has been customized to fit specific needs and goals. This is by far the most life-changing experience we offer because you will work one-to-one with an extraordinary team of practitioners who are focused entirely on you, so there is no wasted time and effort. This provides the greatest return possible on the total investment you're making to come to Sedona. Another advantage of the private intensive is the ability to choose your own travel dates -- we have clients arriving and departing seven day a week, 365 days a year. Whether you're going through a serious crisis or transition in your life, seeking emotional healing or physical rejuvenation, or simply ready for total life mastery, we can personalize the ideal the private retreat for your needs. Click here to learn more.


Group retreats for womenGroup retreats for women are offered 3-4 times per year. Two big advantages of our group retreats are that they're more affordable than private intensives, and you get to share your experience with a group of like-minded women that are obviously open to some sharing some sisterhood!  You can also supplement the group retreat with private sessions if you so desire. Group retreats are limited to just 20 participants and they usually fill fast, so advance reservations are required and space is not always available.  If you've already done a significant amount of work on your issues and are ready to delve into your soul's true purpose with an amazing group of women in Sedona, or if budget is major concern, then this retreat format will be perfect for you. Click here to learn more.

Our philosophy is that life is far too precious to be rushed through or, worse yet, simply endured! We know what it takes to change a life from the inside out, and our practitioners are experts at removing the mental and emotional blocks that have kept you stuck in negative patterns.

A SpiritQuest women's retreat is perfect for you if you are:

  • Going through any major life transition such as a divorce, career change, or empty nest.
  • Trapped in co-dependant behavior that has led you into abusive relationships.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the pace of modern life and need some downtime to reconnect with you.
  • Feeling spiritually stuck in your life, so that it's time for some fresh perspectives and new ideas.
  • Seeking inspiration from other women who have already walked the path to personal freedom.
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